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April 22, 2010 09:15 ET

kgb 542542 Text Answer Service and Its New Web Site, "kgb Answers," Are the Source for Answers to Earth Day Questions

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - April 22, 2010) -  Today is the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, and whether you are looking for information about how to make greener choices, or have questions about Mother Nature, climate change, energy conservation, sustainability and the history of Earth Day, there's no better place than kgb 542542 text answer service and its new web site, kgb Answers,

kgb's 542542 text answer service is powered by thousands of Special Agents who provide quick, accurate answers to any question at a cost of 99 cents per question.

In addition to texting kgb for all your Earth Day-related questions, fans can also visit kgb Answers at and check out the service's most-asked Earth Day and environment-related queries. Site visitors can search kgb's vast database of millions of questions and answers at no charge. kgb is featuring Earth Day content to showcase the extensive variety of questions users ask the service -- and the top-quality answers that kgb Agents research in response.

Among the most popular Earth Day-related questions asked of kgb to date are (answers provided through the links below):

What is a simple thing I can do to help the environment?

Who created Earth Day?

How much trash ends up in oceans every year?

How much does changing from incandescent to CFL light bulbs help the environment?

What are carbon offsets?

How much topsoil is lost through erosion each year?

How long does it take plastic to break down in a landfill?

How much of the energy used in the U.S. is renewable energy?

About kgb

kgb has pioneered the provision of a broad range of wholesale and retail information services beyond traditional directory assistance services, including call completion, movie listings, train schedules, price comparisons and "Ask Us Anything" service across multiple platforms, including mobile and landline phones, SMS and the Internet. In 2009 kgb launched its flagship text answer service, 542542 (kgbkgb) following the success of kgb's similar "Ask Us Anything" premium text answer service in the United Kingdom.

Early in 2010, kgb extended the brand to the Web with the launch of, a site where users can search the vast kgb database of questions and answers, or ask their own question directly to a kgb Agent. Also in 2010, kgb harnessed its vast database of hyperlocal directory assistance information to launch, a group buying service that brings its members a daily discount on a city's most popular products and services; initially launched in New York, Paris, and London. Last year kgb served more than a hundred million consumers globally and answered nearly a billion questions.

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