Kibboko, Inc.

Kibboko, Inc.

February 04, 2010 13:59 ET

Kibboko, Inc. Unveils Scout™ for News Publishers

Scout Takes Article Personalization Farther and Adds Suggestions for Books, e-Books

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Feb. 4, 2010) - Kibboko today introduced Scout as its brand for the powerful new release of Kibboko's content personalization system for publishers. Scout comes with a sleek new interface and goes beyond articles to suggest books and e-books.

"We are thrilled to bring Scout to publishers," said Keith Bates, Kibboko's founder and CEO. "Scout goes beyond article recommendation and now uses our patent-pending Bamboo™ technology to suggest books and e-books. All in one beautiful package. And it only takes an hour to set up! Scout is a fabulous service for publishers that delivers big increases in the number of articles shown to their local readers. At Kibboko we like to say that 'Scout is made by readers, for readers'."

"Scout delivers a more dynamic experience than its predecessor, plus Scout comes with all of Kibboko's deep personalization intelligence on our hosted back-end," added Julian Paas, Kibboko's CTO. "On the client-side the Scout application is now implemented in Flash™, while our infrastructure runs in the cloud. Scout is a profoundly effective, reliable and scalable service and was designed from the start for the intense demands of massive news and content sites."

Scout makes personalized article suggestions that encourage readers to visit more articles and go deeper into publisher sites. Its combination of rich user interface, dynamic presentation coupled with deep intelligence and e-commerce capabilities is unique and potent. Kibboko has nine patents pending on Scout's e-commerce/shopping system, personalization technologies and user interface.

About Kibboko:

Kibboko, Inc. is a software service company based in Toronto, Canada. Kibboko's Scout service delivers sophisticated personalization to large online news and content publishers and also provides smart suggestions for books and e-books. Kibboko's Scout service serves millions of page-views every month, serves millions of unique visitors, and delivers speed, reliability and scalability.

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