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June 01, 2015 06:31 ET

Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign Launches New Photographer Smartphone App to Tap the $82.6 Billion Photography Industry, Which Streamlines the Process of Setting Up Professional Photo Shoots

The New SceneScout 2.0 App Will Provide an Automated Workflow Process That Allows Photographers to Find New Clients, Discuss Details of Desired Photo Shoots, Search for Ideal Locations and Setup a Shoot

AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwired - Jun 1, 2015) - SceneScout (, a premier utility and community app for the photography and film industries, announced the company's next major release -- SceneScout 2.0. If you've ever shopped for a photographer to take pictures for weddings, graduations, birthday/anniversary parties, corporate events, or professional photo shoots, you are probably aware that there are over 150,000 freelance photographers from which to choose.

But how do you research what type of professional skills they actually posses before making a purchase decision? Anyone that has been through this process knows that it is a very time consuming to meet with three or more photographers, review their photo albums/portfolios and call their list of business references.

On the flip side, the most successful photographers spend hundreds-to-thousands of dollars per month on websites, pay-per-click ads and other types of marketing in order to promote their small business to prospective clients. The problem is that there are so many photographers in the world that it is very expensive to break through the clutter and connect with customers that are actively searching for professional photography services.

Professional photographers also need a way to gather, review and store all of the necessary paperwork and photo shoot details such as lighting, permitting, capacity, availability and more.

SceneScout solves all of these challenges and provides very useful features that streamline the entire process for all parties involved and makes it easy to setup a professional photo shoot. To learn more about SceneScout, please click here to watch a short video or here for app screen shots.

"Regardless of how much you love photography, it can be a very frustrating experience to try and find enough high caliber clients to build a professional portfolio that can provide the perfect showcase for your work in order to generate future business," said Sean Couch, SceneScout's Co-founder. "Another common drawback is trying to find the right type of setting or location to conduct a professional photo shoot that offers clients unique, breathtaking backgrounds."

"To solve this business development challenge, we designed the SceneScout App to build a bridge between potential customers and hungry photographers, by providing the right utility of features and benefits to make shopping for a photographer a simple process," Couch continued. "We've also made it as easy as possible for photographers to create an actionable photo portfolio by layering on additional information so that they can discuss and book shoots with prospective clients like never before."

"When using SceneScout 2.0, customers will be able to find local photographers, view their portfolios and read recent reviews from previous customers," added David Dulak, SceneScout's Co-founder "And once they find a photographer they want to hire, they can start the planning process by reviewing shoot details and then submitting a payment -- all within the app. It is very convenient for everyone and significantly speeds up the entire process."

Over the past 12 months, SceneScout has been beta testing its 1.2 Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with more than 2,000 clients and photographers to learn what types of features needed to be added to provide the benefits that enhance both the client's and the photographer's user experience. As a result, SceneScout has a long list of features that the company plans to roll out in the next SceneScout 2.0 version.

Like most apps, the SceneScout 1.2 is still free to download from the Apple Store or Google Play.

SceneScout plans to fund its new 2.0 product development by pre-selling great rewards such as premium advertising spotlights, advanced beta testing options and special discounts on transaction fees for photographers that range from $25 to $250.

Please visit the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign today to purchase one of the limited-time offers before the fundraising campaign ends on June 20th.

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