May 14, 2013 09:00 ET

KillerSites Announces the Release of the Web Tutor

Online interactive training system developed to help teachers teach the basics of web design and programming

MONTRÉAL, QUÉBEC--(Marketwired - May 14, 2013) - KillerSites is proud to announce the release of the Web Tutor. Developed by experienced web educators, the Web Tutor is an interactive video training system that helps teachers teach the basics of web design and web programming: HTML, CSS, PHP, and Javascript. Its primary purpose is to allow teachers to focus on the individual needs of each student while the system manages the core instruction.

How the Web Tutor Works

Students are presented with a series of videos that are followed by multiple choice quizzes and code challenges; students are automatically graded as they proceed. The courses themselves focus on real-world practical training ... developing skills that the student can apply right away. All learning material was developed by experienced web professionals and educators.

The Teacher's Tool

With the help of the Web Tutor system, the teacher will be able to spend less time lecturing, and more time interacting with students. As students work through lectures and assignments, teachers are given updates on students progress, allowing teachers to move through the classroom to assist students who may need extra attention.

Verifiable Certification

The Web Tutor also awards verifiable (with online verification code) and printable certification when a student completes a course (default passing grade is 60%).

About KillerSites

For over 15 years, KillerSites has been teaching web designers and developers practical and marketable skills. The KillerSites network of sites covers a wide range of web topics and receive millions of pageviews each month, and our training courses been featured in magazines across the world, including Web Designer UK and Photoshop Designer UK.

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