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March 23, 2007 06:51 ET

Kim's Elimination Shocks Viewers and X-Treme Golf Players

Best Golfer Now Gone and Players are Emotionally Distraught Going Into X-Treme Golf Episode 4; Airing Nationally this Weekend on CanWest CH TV and MEN TV

Attention: Arts/Entertainment Editor, Lifestyle Editor, Sports Editor, Tech/Telecomm Editor, Travel/Tourism Editor DUNDAS/ONTARIO/MEDIA ADVISORY--(CCNMatthews - March 23, 2007) - X-Treme Golf TV Productions Inc. (www.xgolftv.com), the Producers of X-Treme Golf broadcast, multi-media and interactive digital properties, today announced that the best player in the tournament, Kim became X-Treme Golf's third casualty. Five players remain in this grueling six-episode elimination golf tournament television series featured on CanWest CH TV nationally prior to weekend coverage of the PGA Tour and on CanWest MEN TV every Saturday.

Episode 3 'Get On My Nerves' proved that nothing can be taken for granted in this mind blowing tournament. Kim, with a 6 handicap and the best player on the tour, went into Episode 3 laden with feelings of guilt for having been taken to a hotel when other players had to endure a frigid night slung in hammocks on a WWII destroyer without heat or running water. Having become seriously sea sick, Kim had to be taken off the ship, but not without penalty. When players faced Kim at Whistle Bear Golf Club in Cambridge, Ontario, she was relieved when they unanimously decided not to levy any stroke penalty on her days round. That relief was short-lived when Dianne's slow play became a distraction, and threw Kim off her game.

Players went into X-Treme Golf Episode 3's Skills Challenge not knowing who was facing elimination. When the 150 yard closest to the pin driving competition was over, it was revealed that Dianne had beaten Dave by only eight inches, and ironically, Dianne was the player facing elimination. Kim, in 2nd last place, was discharged to everyone's astonishment. Players and producers were convinced that Kim would have been in the final round and were all shocked when her game fell apart - but that wasn't the end of the X-Treme Golf Episode 3 surprises.

Players are at the half way point of the tour and are now getting quite impatiently agitated with each other, and it shows. Dianne gave her X-Treme Golf Skills Contest reward evening at Langdon Hall Country House Hotel & Spa, in Cambridge, Ontario, away to Dave who, while being treated to the most opulent evening of his life, is haunted by Dianne's generosity. Dave's mantra becomes: "Why would she give it to me? Why would she give this up?". While Andy, having won two reward evenings on the first two X-Treme Golf episodes and having been the next in-line for elimination on Day 3, has now had a rude wake-up call. "Tonight I'm sleeping with the riff-raff," he says but is quickly reprimanded by Larry who makes it perfectly clear to Andy, "You've been pampered and spoiled for two nights. After today, you're lucky you're sleeping with the riff-raff!"

"It's now obvious that players are riding purely on adrenaline and feeling the mounting pressure of their X-Treme Golf whirlwind itinerary," states Alan Aylward, Executive Producer of X-Treme Golf. "The anxiety and emotional duress of X-Treme Golf Episode 3 are about to become much more volatile as the remaining five players go into this weekend's daunting and physically exhausting challenge in Episode 4 'The Eagle has Landed,' and viewers should stayed tuned in - it's talons are sharp!"

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