Kinaxis Corporation

Kinaxis Corporation

October 05, 2010 08:24 ET

Kinaxis Launches RapidResponse, S&OP Edition to Meet Maturing Needs of Market

New Offering Designed to Address Gaps in Conventional S&OP Applications and Processes

OTTAWA, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Oct. 5, 2010) - Editor's note: A video is associated with this press release.

Kinaxis, a provider of web-based software to the world's leading manufacturing companies, today announced a new edition of its software service that includes deeper S&OP resources for an evolving market. The RapidResponse, S&OP edition is ideally suited for Fortune 500 manufacturing companies looking for superior financial and operational alignment amid an environment of increasing complexity and volatility. With this edition, Kinaxis defines what a 21st century S&OP process can and should deliver.

"S&OP can be carried out without technology; but not well," said Lora Cecere, partner with Altimeter Group. "The surge of activity around S&OP is largely driven by economic uncertainty. Based on research, companies with mature S&OP processes sense and respond to market changes five times faster. The most mature processes hinge on what- if analyses, not only for supply, but especially for demand."

"We currently use RapidResponse to support our S&OP process. It has proven to be flexible and adaptable in facilitating collaborative analysis and decision-making across multiple planning layers and stages," said Kevin Thompson, vice president of sales operations at Qualcomm Inc.  "The functionality introduced in this release of RapidResponse offers us a solution path for our future S&OP initiatives."

The RapidResponse, S&OP edition was designed to address the gaps in today's S&OP applications. Leveraging the proven technology differentiators of the RapidResponse platform (including its in-memory database, high-speed analytics, robust what-if scenario simulation, automated group collaboration and efficient integration with all standard ERP systems), this edition ensures the following critical requirements of a mature S&OP process are met:

Integration of all planning layers and functions with a direct connection to financial and corporate objectives

  • Balance Finance and Operations, demand and supply in one system. Regardless of the business model (build-to-order, build-to-stock, configure-to-order), generate plans simultaneously at an aggregate and detailed level linking top line demand forecasts right through to the lowest level of the multi-enterprise supply chain (including contract manufacturers, distributors). When making what-if decisions, evaluate against both financial and operational targets. Focus not only on developing an optimal plan, but a feasible one.

Cross-functional and cross-enterprise collaboration

  • Get the entire organization contributing to and working from a single plan in a synchronized manner. Automatically identify who across the extended organization needs to participate in what-if scenario collaborations to quickly resolve issues. Enable anyone to simulate anything at any time before committing changes that affect the business. 

S&OP cycle time reduction

  • Use a single application to facilitate S&OP. Eliminate the lag in planning and decision-making caused by the complicated integration of data from multiple software modules, and the manual number crunching performed in Excel.

S&OP by exception

  • Run S&OP on a calendar cycle, but facilitate off-cycle S&OP processes when portions of the plan require adjustment. Know and respond rapidly anytime the plan is at risk.

"The S&OP needs of large, multi-enterprise organizations have long surpassed what traditional processes and legacy tools can deliver," said John Sicard, EVP, marketing, development and service operations for Kinaxis. "There needs to be a point of convergence for all planning activities by all stakeholders. In today's environment, that can't happen without deep technology. RapidResponse, S&OP Edition provides companies with a central system and a collaborative environment from which participants of the S&OP process can actively contribute to and manage the plan in the context and level of detail they require, and can do so with great speed and accuracy. With RapidResponse, companies can thoroughly collect on the S&OP promise of alignment."

For more information about RapidResponse, S&OP Edition, visit:

S&OP Twitter Chat

On a related note, Kinaxis would like to invite the public to participate in an open Twitter chat about S&OP trends and strategies. Follow the discussion today from 1:00pm – 2:00pm EDT using the hashtag #SOPchat. Come participate in what we hope will be a lively and valuable conversation by posting your questions and opinions.

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If you are trying to manage supply chain volatility and complexity — the new normal in supply chains —and are thinking 'there's got to be a better way,' there is. With a single on-demand service, you can tackle the multitude of supply chain management and S&OP challenges that threaten your performance on a daily basis. Companies use RapidResponse to make decisions quickly, collaboratively, and directly in line with their financial and operational objectives. You too can join over 30,000 users across a broad range of industries, including aerospace & defense, consumer products, high tech electronics, industrial, and life sciences, that are already realizing a competitive advantage by leveraging RapidResponse for collaborative planning, continuous performance management, and coordinated response to plan variances. Learn more about the RapidResponse editions, or join the industry discussions on our Supply Chain Expert community at:

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