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October 22, 2007 08:20 ET

Kinset Announces First Technology for High Fidelity 3D Immersive Retail Stores

E-Commerce Breakthrough Lets Retailers Build and Run Online Kinset 3D Stores That Look Just Like Real Stores; Brookstone Will Be First National Retailer to Launch a 3D Online Store

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwire - October 22, 2007) - Twelve years after the first stores opened on conventional Web pages, Kinset, Inc. today announced the availability of breakthrough Kinset™ 3D Store technology for creating and operating online 3D stores that look and feel like real stores. Public access shopping inside the first two 3D virtual stores -- a bookstore and an electronics emporium -- begins today via the company's web site, These first Kinset Stores display over 10,000 items for shoppers to browse and purchase.

"Powerful personal computers and fast broadband Web connectivity allowed us to build the first software technology that can present realistic online stores in 3D," said John Butler, CEO of Kinset. Kinset's software leverages this technology to give retailers and their customers an unprecedented online immersive experience. In a Kinset Store shoppers can browse through virtual aisles displaying hundreds of items of merchandise, linger, look and make purchases just as they would in a real store. Kinset's 3D stores permit the natural in-store browsing process to occur online for the first time. The software has been in closed testing for the past seven months and today's technology announcement marks the first time that the general public can start shopping using Kinset and visit a Kinset Store. The technology also allows for fast and easy creation and maintenance of such stores by merchants.

"Customers -- and merchants -- are trying to bridge the online and real world. Today, customers get a completely different experience online and in-store, learning two completely different navigation paradigms. Using Kinset, retailers can bathe online customers in the in-store experience, as they 'walk' through an online store. With product placement and displays mimicking stores, customers familiar with the physical store quickly find what they want online as their eyes scan the merchandise. Customers unfamiliar with the physical store are now trained for their visit, and won't feel lost when they walk through the door. Earlier attempts at building 3D online stores couldn't handle the thousands of items on display in real stores. Kinset Stores are handling the volume of products," said Susan Aldrich, SVP/Senior Consultant and retail industry analyst for the Patricia Seybold Group.

Jessica Robinson is an occasional online shopper who participated in Kinset's early consumer testing process. "Unless I know exactly what I want, web shopping can be frustrating because you don't have the same opportunity to look around. For this reason, I often hit the stores. With Kinset, I can browse online whenever I want and get the same experience. It's really fun to use."

Nationwide product developer and specialty retailer Brookstone, Inc. ( announced today that it is working with Kinset to be the first national retailer to open a 3D online Kinset Store that recreates the look and feel of its physical stores. "The new Brookstone Virtual Store will allow our online customers to experience the same type of engaging and interactive experience with our products that our retail customers currently enjoy," said Greg Sweeney, VP and General Manager of Direct Sales at Brookstone. "We believe opening Brookstone's Virtual Kinset 3D Store will provide yet another compelling reason for customers to think of us and our innovative products during the competitive 2007 holiday shopping season."

Kinset software also provides retailers unprecedented testing capabilities for store design, layout and merchandising through an embedded capability Kinset describes as "massively parallel online simulation." Using Kinset, retailers can quickly and easily build virtual stores that look like real store floor plans, then assign one store design to some shoppers and another design to other shoppers. Kinset tracks shoppers' activity and lets retailers compare results using detailed analytical output. Because Kinset stores can closely mirror real world store designs, retailers can quickly learn the effect on shoppers of small changes in their real stores, and then act upon their resultant "retail intelligence."

Try It, And Buy It

Shoppers are able to experience the unique immersive experience of Kinset 3D Stores through a free Kinset Shopping Browser utility, which is downloaded to their computers like Adobe Acrobat or Flash. Shoppers who want to try shopping in Kinset can visit and choose "Go Shopping." During the initial "public beta" test period, items purchased in the stores will be delivered by Following the beta period, retailers will launch their own Kinset 3D Stores -- which will be accessible from their 2D web sites, and fully integrated with their own product fulfillment systems for speedy delivery to customers.

Retailers who are interested in learning more about Kinset should visit for more information about store creation and the benefits of simulation testing.

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Kinset is changing how the world shops by providing retailers with unique immersive Kinset 3D technology that lets them build and operate virtual Kinset Stores that look and feel like real stores. Shoppers love the 3D experience of browsing and buying in Kinset Stores because it makes online shopping fun for the first time. Kinset is headquartered in Marlborough, Massachusetts (USA) and is lead by a team of entrepreneurs who have founded two previously successful high-tech ventures. Visit us at

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