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June 01, 2015 11:01 ET

Kiqplan Digital Coaches Give a Kick-Start to Help People Run, Flex and Strike-a-Pose Better This Summer Season

Personalized 12-Week Fitness Apps Turn Activity Data Into Realistic Action Plans

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwired - Jun 1, 2015) - As Americans hit the great outdoors this summer season, Kiqplan [from Fitbug (AIM: FITB)], the most advanced, intelligent and content-rich fitness, nutrition and motivational range of apps, has launched four new summer themed plans. Designed to take the "So What" out of activity tracking, Kiqplan help people of all fitness levels get fitter, trimmer and more healthy by turning data from wearables into meaningful, 12-week exercise regimes that anyone can understand. 

Hailed as the "Jane Fonda" fitness video for the connected age, Kiqplans are a coach, nutritionist and motivational guru all rolled into one. Priced $19.99, the new Kiqplans include body sculpting and toning plans for men and women called Sun's Out Guns Out and Bikini Hot as well as running plans titled Your First 5k and 10k Run Ready that help people take up jogging or improve race times and performance. 

Created by personal trainers, dieticians and qualified fitness experts, Kiqplan is designed to work in tandem with most leading fitness-trackers (including Fitbug, Jawbone, Withings, Fitbit, Misfit and Nike+), smartphones and watches including Apple Watch. They translate the data received from wearables to provide personalized training plans, including "how-to" workout videos, nutritional advice, healthy recipes, sleep and step targets, plus much more. 

The new plans along with existing programs including Beer Belly Blaster for men, Slim + Trim for women and pre- and post-natal plans called Healthy Baby Bump and Goodbye Baby Belly are available in Target and Meijer stores and online at, Amazon and

As well as data from wearables, Kiqplan interprets information from lifestyle reports such as food intake or the participation in additional sports activity such as swimming, a gym visit or football sports. These can be inputted manually by using Kiqplan's extensive databases or through other apps such as MyFitnessPal and RunKeeper. 

The content, tracking and logging capabilities of Kiqplan are deeper than anything else available. More than 350 individual exercises were filmed, over 400,000 food items with their appropriate calorie count can be selected and add to daily totals, and pursuits as diverse as tennis, jui-jitsu or fencing can be chosen to adjust daily step counts to reflect additional activities. While all the content and suggestions vary for each specific program, each Kiqplan works with iOS and Android devices and feature:

  • Activity, nutrition and sleep targets set weekly which adapted to the users rate of progression
  • Weekly personalized workouts featuring "how-to" video instruction to ensure exercises are completed with accurate form to maximise results
  • Dynamic activity and nutrition tracking with users able to import data from other apps or devices
  • Lifestyle tracking (e.g. sleep quality, weight, alcohol consumption, cigarettes smoked, etc.)
  • Weekly articles and recipes focused on the required outcome
  • Feedback and reminders via in-app messaging and motivational rewards for added encouragement
  • Webinars on a range of outcome related topics, and Q&A's with experts

The focus of the new plans are as follows:

Sun's Out, Guns Out focuses on trimming and toning the torso, shaping the shoulders, and getting those guns built for summer. The program moves through 3 phases of exercise, starting with Total Body Strength workouts, designed to increase muscle mass and kick-start metabolism. It then moves into split body part routines to maximize muscle mass in the chest and back, arms and shoulders and legs and core. It finishes with high intensity interval training (HIIT) to burn the extra calories.

Bikini Hot focuses on toning and sculpting the whole body with extra emphasis on the legs, bum and tum, ensuring you feel confident in a bikini this summer. The program moves through 3 phases, starting with a series of total body workouts, designed to establish a foundation of fitness and strength for you to build upon over the next 12 weeks.

Your First 5k is made for beginner runners, helping you to gradually build up fitness and stamina in order to complete a 5k race. The first few weeks of the program focus on building a base level of aerobic conditioning, with a mixture of short runs, workouts and rest days. Intensity builds week on week to gradually increasing stamina and endurance.

10k Run Ready is made for intermediate runners looking to up the intensity and complete a 10k race in record time. Each week, the runs become progressively more challenging either in intensity or distance. The workouts to accompany the running schedule are designed to ensure that the body can cope with the longer runs as well as keeping you injury free.

To take the first step to a healthy life check out and to view further images click here.

About Kiqplan 
Kiqplan is the latest innovation by Fitbug, a leading provider of online health and well-being services since 2005. Its patent pending model has been built on Fitbug's 10 years of experience providing a range of activity based devices and services and insights from hundreds of thousands of individual users. 

Originally founded in the UK, with offices in London and Chicago, Kiqplan adds to the Fitbug portfolio which includes the Fitbug Orb ($49.95) and Fitbug Wow scales ($69.99). 

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