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October 25, 2012 08:00 ET

KiteDesk Enters Public Beta, Adds FullContact Integration

Personal Cloud App Combines Content From Dropbox, Facebook, Google Apps and Twitter for Integrated "Streams" of a User's Most Important Information

TAMPA, FL--(Marketwire - Oct 25, 2012) -  KiteDesk ( is making it easier for consumers to use their favorite cloud services, with the public beta launch today of a free, personal cloud application. 

In response to consumer frustration with siloed cloud data, and the annoying need to switch between apps to access important information (otherwise known as "cloud-flipping"), KiteDesk has introduced an app that integrates all of a user's most important cloud info in a single place.

KiteDesk users can view messages, contacts, calendar events and documents from their Dropbox, Facebook, Google Apps and Twitter accounts as customizable streams/news feeds. Users can also drill down to view information related to a given message, contact, calendar event or document -- such as the latest tweets and Facebook posts from a colleague with whom a user is meeting -- and use the data to create new, personal or business-specific streams.

KiteDesk addresses some of the major problems with today's cloud computing options, including lack of integration, disconnected user experiences, frequent context switching, expanding sets of accounts, diminished information portability, and device or platform dependence. By providing an open, device-agnostic platform, KiteDesk is helping users stay connected to the services they use most, and communicate better with friends and colleagues.

For example, a freelance writer may have a personal as well as a business Gmail account for sending article drafts to her editor. She might use Google Drive for submitting expense reports, and Dropbox for story photos. She might have Facebook and Twitter accounts for publicizing her portfolio to clients, and personal accounts for staying in touch with friends. With KiteDesk she can tie these accounts together, making it faster and easier to access the info she needs.

Likewise, a core strength of KiteDesk's offering is its ability to show streams of relevant information by person. KiteDesk's integration with FullContact, a leading provider of contact consolidation and management APIs, helps fulfill that mission. For example, users can receive an email from someone, click the "from" link, and see a stream for that person with all their previous messages, events, files and social posts. KiteDesk can now automatically link users' contacts' email addresses with their social profiles to generate a richer stream of information. 

KiteDesk users can also create custom streams by using rules and tags to filter messages, social posts, events, files and more. A user might create a stream for a new customer project, for example, and fill it with messages, social posts and documents from that customer only.

"We see the growth of cloud based services and public APIs as a huge opportunity to give our users personalized access to all their information and cloud-centered capabilities at the same time," said Jack Kennedy, founder and CEO of KiteDesk. "When I look at my calendar, I want to see more than my next event. I want to see the interactions that led up to this event -- what emails were sent to or from the attendees, what files were shared, were there any social posts? And I want to see this without opening five different apps and doing multiple searches in each. KiteDesk solves this problem, while offering services vendors another way to reach their users."

The web public beta version of KiteDesk is available now; a mobile version is coming soon.

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KiteDesk lets you stay connected to the cloud by linking together the content from all of your accounts, allowing you to aggregate, integrate and navigate through personalized streams of information. KiteDesk is your personal interface to the cloud and it works with all of your accounts on all of your devices. KiteDesk was founded in 2011 by Jared Rodriguez and Jack Kennedy, who have worked together to found three companies over a 15 year period, advancing innovation in emerging sectors including B2B commerce, enterprise software development, and now personal cloud services.

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