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November 13, 2008 11:34 ET

KleenAir Launch Diesel Saving Module Saving up to 15% on Fuel Bills

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Date:           13 NOVEMBER 2008 - IMMEDIATE
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                                         KLEENAIR LAUNCH DIESEL SAVING MODULE
                                            TO SAVE UP TO 15% ON FUEL BILLS

London, 13 November 2008  (KSIP) KleenAir Systems International plc ("KleenAir"), a leading provider of vehicle
emissions management solutions, today announces the launch of the Diesel Saver Module ("DSM"), a do-it-yourself device
which increases fuel economy by up to 15%.  This increase in fuel economy cuts harmful emissions and saves in fuel
costs, which could pay for the device in approximately 3-6 months.

-       For heavy fuel users the DSM could save thousands of pounds in fuel costs per year, per vehicle, by
        increasing fuel economy up to 15%.
-       Any vehicle owner can help meaningfully cut harmful greenhouse gas emissions with the DSM.

-       The DSM is engineered to optimise drive dynamics by reducing fuel consumption at maximum torque.   By
        controlling engine load and optimising engine efficiency, the DSM guarantees 20% more torque with no power

-       Simple DIY installation and removal.
-       Reusable from vehicle to vehicle.
-       Call 01989 566902 to order a DSM.  KleenAir representatives will help determine expected savings for each
        particular order and provide details about the 28-day money back guarantee. 
        Manufactured to ISO 9001 and meets the highest automotive industry standards.

-       The DSM does not affect any standard engine operations, safety functions, or servicing.

Lionel Simons, Chairman of KleenAir, said: "In times of simultaneous economic and environmental crisis, everyone is
looking to find ways to protect the environment while saving money.  The DSM is a simple, easy, and low-cost way for
the everyday consumer to help protect the environment and put savings back in their wallet. We are expecting
significant interest to be generated around the DSM and for it to become an important product to KleenAir Systems."

For more information, or to order a DSM, contact Mark Cooper on 01989-566902 or at mark.cooper@kleenairsystems.co.uk
About KleenAir Systems Limited
KleenAir is a global provider of customised, cost-effective emissions reduction solutions for diesel vehicles.  By
significantly reducing the harmful level of vehicle pollutants, KleenAir's innovative environmental management
technology is helping to create a greener, safer and healthier world.

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