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January 29, 2007 09:24 ET

Klocwork Releases Java Source Code Analysis Technology for Individual Developers to Improve Software Security and Quality

Klocwork Developer for Java Offered as a Downloadable Eclipse Plug-In at

BURLINGTON, MA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- January 29, 2007 -- Klocwork Inc., the proven leader of automated software for improving software security and quality, today announced the release of Klocwork Developer for Java (KDJ). Available as a downloadable plug-in for Eclipse-based Java IDEs, KDJ provides enterprise-grade source code analysis directly on an individual developer's desktop. As a seamless part of the most powerful Java development environments, KDJ automatically identifies security vulnerabilities and defects at the earliest possible stage of the development cycle, enabling the developer to focus on high quality, innovative code.

Built upon the award winning Klocwork technology proven in the most demanding development shops and open source projects globally, KDJ is the most powerful static code analysis tool available for the individual developer desktop. In particular, KDJ provides the highest degree of accuracy and efficiency when compared with other available Eclipse-based static analysis plug-ins. As part of the beta program, Klocwork received extremely positive feedback from over 50 developers citing its high value, its speed and accuracy, and its ease-of-use. "Klocwork Developer for Java is a very intuitive and easy-to-use Eclipse plug-in. Within minutes of downloading the Klocwork product, I analyzed my code and found several problems that I considered important to fix. I plan on using Klocwork Developer for Java as part of my regular development routine," commented a software designer from Atreus Systems Inc.

Other notable capabilities of Klocwork Developer for Java include:

--  Critical Java defects and security vulnerabilities -- KDJ
    automatically looks for hundreds of different defects and security
    vulnerabilities in Java, including array bounds violations, null pointer
    dereferences, cross site scripting, SQL injection, process creation
    injection, and resource leaks.
--  Comprehensive Java support -- KDJ fully supports the Java 1.5
    specification for J2EE, J2SE and J2ME, as well as full support for earlier
    language specs.
--  Java Security Analysis Aligned with OWASP -- KDJ's vulnerability
    analysis provides excellent coverage of the vulnerabilities from the OWASP
    Top 10 list.
--  Customizable -- Klocwork Developer for Java allows you to modify
    specific defect checkers to focus on the errors you want to find and to
    reduce the detection of errors you aren't interested in.
--  IDE Integration -- Klocwork Developer for Java uses the Eclipse Plug-
    in framework to fully integrate with any Eclipse-based IDE and
    is certified as "Ready For Rational" for use with IBM Rational Application
"Working with some of the largest development organizations and open source communities in the world, we have learned a great deal about how the individual developer thinks about security and other quality related issues within their code," said Gwyn Fisher, CTO of Klocwork. "It's a given that developers want to spend most of their time being creative and less time reviewing and debugging old code. To this end, we have worked closely with customers to ensure that Klocwork works seamlessly within the environment that the developer most cares about and gives them an accurate vulnerability assessment quickly and automatically, just the way that any developer would expect. We're very excited to make this tool available to all developers."

Klocwork Developer for Java is available immediately at ( Developers can download a fully featured 30-day trial free of charge. The full license for KDJ can be purchased from the site for $299 per year. This subscription includes full access to the Klocwork Developer for Java community site, a resource for individual developers that includes online documentation and tutorials, user forums and online technical support. For organizations who need a more full-featured source code analysis solution for Java and C and C++, Klocwork offers an Enterprise Development Edition. This edition provides complete build integration tools, architectural analysis and optimization capabilities, metrics and trending tools, and web-based defect management and reporting capabilities -- all designed to support large and complex software development teams.

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Klocwork's automated static analysis products detect and prevent software defects and security vulnerabilities. Our products provide entire development teams with tools to identify the root causes of software quality and security problems, track them throughout their software development process, ensure that they have been removed, and prevent them from reoccurring. Klocwork's patented technology was developed in 1996, and has delivered significant ROI to more than 150 customers -- many of them Fortune 500 accounts, known for having the most demanding software development environments in the world. Klocwork is a privately held company with offices in Burlington, Mass., San Jose, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, and Ottawa.

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