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August 27, 2012 12:59 ET

KMAG Develops New "GEMINI Dual Tag"

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Aug. 27, 2012) - KMA Global Solutions International, Inc. (PINKSHEETS:KMAG) KMAG announces the development of the GEMINI tag, a dual technology, RFID/EAS reusable hard tag, that can simultaneously and seamlessly provide all of the needed functionality of an RFID tag, while also functioning as an EAS tag with complete compatibility with the most common EAS technologies in use today.

Several major national and international retailers have announced a decision to implement RFID systems capable of tracking their inventory at the unit level, and will begin to implement the needed hardware in their stores beginning this year. Many others will follow suit over the course of the next few years. Most will begin to use RFID both for tracking inventory, and to perform the loss prevention duties that have, until now, been provided by their EAS system. Rolling out RFID in these enterprises will be a major undertaking and will proceed simultaneously on relatively small groups of stores until the changeover is completed across all locations. During the transition process, the retailers will continue to use their EAS system until the hardware transition is completed.

KMAG recognizes that there is a significant gap in the transition plans, as each store will require merchandise to bear both an EAS and an RFID tag until well after the process is completed. Applying separate RFID and EAS tags is an expensive proposition, which will be made considerably more economical through the use of the GEMINI tag from KMAG. KMAG has determined a market need numbering in the tens of millions, and possibly hundreds of millions of GEMINI tags over the course of the next few years as more and more retailers begin the technology switch.

Each GEMINI tag contains an RFID element that meets all Gen II EPC standards, as well as either of the most popular EAS elements, and can therefore simultaneously be read by the RFID system, while being detected by the EAS system in use in the store. Applying and removing GEMINI tags follows exactly the same process that the retailers employ today with their EAS tags, using the same equipment that they already own, and therefore requires no learning curve on the part of store employees or special equipment to put the GEMINI into use.

Retailers can continue to use the GEMINI tag even after they end the use of their EAS system as the RFID component will continue to be reusable and compatible with all of their needs.

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