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October 20, 2005 15:27 ET

Know the Real Walter Abrams: He's Still Picking Winners

NEW YORK, NY -- (MARKET WIRE) -- October 20, 2005 -- Statistics show that the majority of people that bet on sporting events lose their money. The main reason for this is that most individuals think that because they know the game, the players and watch all of the sports programs, they can choose the winners of these games. In reality, this couldn't be farther from the truth. The art of predicting winners and losers involves research in what wins and loses ball games.

Many professional handicappers use the injury report to assist in picking winners. Each team releases their evaluations on the health of their players, which is then disseminated to the world. By knowing which key players are completely healthy and playing at their greatest potential helps in analyzing the match-ups in the game. This, however, is only one aspect to be considered. The motivation of the team and their past performances should also be factored into the picks.

On October 7, 2005, Morgan Creek Productions released the dramatic thriller, "Two For the Money," starring Al Pacino and Matthew McConaughey. The movie chronicles the wheeling and dealings of the fast-paced handicappers in the sports consulting business. McConaughey plays character Brandon Lang, a former college football star whose ability to predict the outcome of games introduces him to a new profession when his football career is sidelined by injury. Lang goes to work for the greatest handicapper alive, Walter Abrams (Pacino).

The real Walter Abrams is still picking winners every Sunday. The real Walter Abrams lives and breathes in the world-class handicapper, Stu Feiner. Feiner's current employee Brandon Link prepared the treatment to the upcoming Morgan Creek Production. "This story takes you deep into the world of sports consultants. It'll give you some insight in what we do. I'm excited about the movie," states Feiner. "It doesn't hurt that Al Pacino is exhibiting my life on the big screen either."

Stu Feiner has been picking winners for the last 24 years. Though many tout and complain about his unwavering confidence, he has one of the best winning percentages in the business. Those who complain about Feiner have not had the luxury of an Oscar-winning actor portraying their lives in a motion picture. If additional proof is necessary, visit and watch his winning percentage grow!

Whether you choose to believe in Feiner's success, Hollywood bet big money on the fact that America will love his story. Odds are, "Two For the Money" will be a blockbuster!

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