February 05, 2014 07:30 ET

KnowRe Officially Launches Its Award Winning Adaptive Curriculum for Mathematics

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Feb 5, 2014) - Education technology company KnowRe ( is announcing the launch of its innovative adaptive mathematics curriculum today. After months of improving the product from feedback gathered through its 11,000+ beta users, including students and teachers from 34 pilot schools across the United States, the company is unveiling its official classroom-ready product to K-12 schools and districts nationwide.

"Our focus has always been to provide the most personalized learning experience to students," says David Joo, KnowRe's Co-Founder and Co-CEO. "KnowRe's technology offers student assessments with an unrivaled level of granularity and accuracy, from which it generates a personalized and adaptive review curriculum targeting each individual student's weaknesses. KnowRe's curriculum provides a fun, gamified user experience enhanced with media-rich curricular content to engage and educate the 21st Century learner."

The company opened its beta to the public exactly a year ago and has successfully piloted KnowRe in dozens of middle and high schools as well as districts since last fall. "I am seeing my students' confidence building," says Danielle Kostevich, a Middle School Math teacher at Downtown College Prep in San Jose, California. Ms. Kostevich uses KnowRe in her classroom every day and uses the real-time assessments to help break up her class into smaller groups, which allows her to differentiate her instruction and offer personal guidance to individual students. "KnowRe allows you to personalize learning in a way that was never possible. The information I receive about each student helps me teach directly to individual students or create smaller groups. Any time you have 15 students instead of 33, that makes it that much better."

As KnowRe closes its beta, students and teachers will be able to access KnowRe by purchasing an official license through their school or district. KnowRe is currently offering special early adopter pricing. Interested schools or districts should contact

KnowRe's curriculum currently includes Algebra I and Pre-Algebra, and the company plans to release Algebra 2 and Geometry by the end of the year, with Calculus and Statistics to follow.

About KnowRe:
KnowRe is an educational technology company with an adaptive mathematics curriculum. KnowRe's patented technology assesses an individual's strengths and weaknesses, personalizes a curriculum for each student's focus areas and engages students through gamified features, attractive graphics and social learning. KnowRe believes in the importance of a good education, the need for personalization in our educational system and that technology is the most effective tool to help bring about these goals.

KnowRe was named winner of "Best Instructional App" in the NYC Schools 2013 Gap App Challenge and was Grand Prize winner of Google's Global K-Startup competition.

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