July 21, 2016 09:00 ET

KnuVerse Hackathon Inspires Developers to Unleash the Power of Voice Authentication in Mobile and Web Applications

Grand Prize Winners Develop Next-Gen Gaming Experience With Knurld API

SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwired - Jul 21, 2016) - KnuVerse™, delivering military-grade voice recognition and authentication technology that unlocks the potential for human-voice interfaces in next-generation computing, today announced the winners of its 2016 Knurld Hackathon, the first ever-voice biometric hackathon. Knurld, KnuVerse's cloud-based API service, challenged developers to innovate on the concept of traditional web and mobile applications by integrating its secure and convenient API for cutting-edge voice authentication. Submissions were required to be functional, newly created or updated to include the Knurld API and free of charge to test, evaluate and use.

"The ability to build applications with voice authentication technology has long been limited to a small number of enterprise companies. But with the ourAPIs developers can now easily implement voice biometric capabilities into their web and mobile applications," said Marty Seyer, COO, KnuEdge. "The participants of the 2016 Knurld Hackathon exemplify the wealth of creativity in the developer community and the vast possibilities for applications when voice is available to everyone."

The grand prize winners of the 2016 Knurld Hackathon are Kyle Parker, Robert Littleford and Chaz Estell, the makers of a real-time, physical-space game, Campus Claim. This non-traditional application garnered top honors due to its well-implemented and refined concept. It also opens the door for game developers to employ voice authentication and recognition for a next-generation gaming experience.

Additional winners include Blaise Marchetti, Matthew Roseman, Istvan Gates and Aron Gates' Android and iOS application, Crypto Chat -- an end-to-end encryption service. The Web and Desktop application winner is a highly secure notes application called WIDITS developed by Jorge Garcia and Osvaldo Concepcion. And the maker of the winning application in the IoT category, Samir Toumi, won with Hotel room access, an application that enables people to book and access hotel rooms using their voice.

The full list of 2016 Knurld Hackathon winners include:

Grand Prize Winner

  • Campus Claim: Kyle Parker, Robert Littleford and Chaz Estell

Android and iOS Winner

  • Crypto Chat: Blaise Marchetti, Matthew Roseman, Istvan Gates and Aron Gates

Web and Desktop Winner

  • WIDITS: Jorge Garcia and Osvaldo Concepcion

IoT Winner

  • Hotel room access: Samir Toumi

Best in Show

  • Crypto Chat: Blaise Marchetti, Matthew Roseman, Istvan Gates and Aron Gates
  • rePear: Sara Du and Jeffrey Dinh
  • Magnacle: Anshuman Suri, Rounaq Jhunjhunu wala and Divam Gupta

Honorable Mention

  • Biometric Lock Screen: Brian Ho
  • Biometric Cash Box: Rupam Das and Abhishek Nandy
  • SecureRecord: (Jesus) Andres Castaneda
  • USB Vlocker: Rupam Das and Abhishek Nandy
  • Vita: Safe Learning Experience for Kids: Cesare de Cal

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