January 06, 2014 08:00 ET

Kooboodle Introduces a Simple Way to Get Photos of You From Friends and Family

No longer a need for selfies! Kooboodle's unique MeFinder app automatically finds photos of "you" on friends' and family's devices

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA--(Marketwired - Jan. 6, 2014) -

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Kooboodle, a free photo-centric online site that automates and simplifies the exchange of photos, will be publicly unveiled tonight at Pepcom's Digital Experience! media event which previews some of the hottest gadgets and technologies at this year's 2014 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Kooboodle combines all of the best photo storage and sharing features and introduces something entirely new with the launch of MeFinder - a simple app that automates finding photos of you on family's and friends' devices. Kooboodle automates the exchange of photos using time-, location- and face-based photo finding technology to locate photos of similar events and people on mobile devices and PCs. Its proprietary MeFinder app uses facial recognition technology to find photos of you on the devices of friends and family. It also offers free cloud storage and the ability to manage photos from any device. Users can easily share thousands of photos with just a couple of taps.

"No wonder people take so many selfies -- most of the photos taken of them are on their friends' and family's devices," said Bryan McLeod, CEO, Kooboodle. Our simple, secure, permission-based MeFinder app takes the pain out of exchanging photos -- we automatically find pictures of you on your friends' and family's devices. Our focus group participants loved it. Getting photos of yourself that you've never seen before that automatically start showing up on your screen is pretty cool."

Kooboodle will begin rolling out early access to its new MeFinder app in January. Consumers can sign up at MeFinderApp.com to receive an exclusive "Early Access Invitation." After they accept the invite, they can download, install and launch the MeFinder app.

Get photos of "you" using the MeFinder mobile app - photos that are most often missing in your collection

How it works

  • After launching the MeFinder app, it guides you to take a video of your face that will be used for the facial recognition search.
  • You will then be prompted to invite people who have photos of you (you can choose to automatically import from Facebook or your phone contacts).
  • Once your invitations are accepted, Kooboodle finds photos of you in your friend's collection and photos of your friend in your collection.
  • Each person can review the photos and give access to those photos they choose to share with one tap. Only the people trading photos have access and only after permission has been granted - nothing is shared publicly (although you are free to do what you want with the photos you collect).
  • As new photos are taken, people in the photos will be notified that new photos are available.

Unify, manage and organize your photo collection across multiple PCs and mobile devices

Kooboodle is a simple but robust solution for storing, viewing and sharing photos online from multiple devices. It will automatically find all of the images on a user's phone, tablet and PC, organizing them into albums based on the folder names already created on those devices. Users don't have to waste time re-organizing them after they are uploaded to Kooboodle. Photos can also be viewed on a timeline, for a unified history of photos taken from multiple cameras and devices. This includes photos users have collected from friends as well as their own images.

Share and trade privately and securely with friends and family

Kooboodle facilitates two-way photo sharing through a unique trading feature that encourages friends to reply back with photos from their own collections. Users simply choose who they want to share photos with, and Kooboodle emails them a link so they can view and copy the photos they want into their own Kooboodle collection.

Kooboodle is a great way to privately collect all of the photos from social events where two or more people have attended but only a few were posted to a social media site.

Secure and private, Kooboodle's site is protected with bank-level encryption, so photos can't be crawled by public search engines.

Free to join, easy to use

Visit www.kooboodle.com to get started. Kooboodle is available for Mac or Windows PCs and iOS or Android mobile devices. It can also be downloaded on iTunes and Google Play.

About Kooboodle

Kooboodle is owned and operated by Storage Appliance Corporation, makers of the award winning Clickfree external hard drives. Innovation is the hallmark of Storage Appliance Corporation - continually adding value in product and services with an emphasis on creating great user experiences. Kooboodle is a photo-centric online storage site that facilitates simple yet advanced automated features for the sharing, exchanging and collection of photos. With Kooboodle you get the photos you've always wanted from friends and family, securely and privately.

For more information visit www.kooboodle.com, MeFinderApp.com, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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