January 12, 2016 11:30 ET

KosLo Launches Online Vehicle Marketplace for Consumers

New Vehicle Broker Service Offers Consumers Alternative to the Hassle of the Car Buying Process

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - Jan 12, 2016) - KosLo, an online vehicle broker service, today announced the launch of its online vehicle marketplace, giving consumers a new way to shop for new or used vehicles.

Consumers now have an alternative to the auto-buying process with, providing another choice for car shoppers to eliminate the hassle of the sometimes-frustrating auto-buying process.

The website allows consumers to narrow down their search by car, motorcycle or truck as well as details such as color, model, year, special features, and price. Plus, KosLo provides shipping services. The consumer simply indicates their preferences while dealers compete for their business by presenting offers within hours.

Devin Koskan, founder and CEO of KosLo, developed this service with both the consumer and seller in mind. "Our system was designed to help dealers reduce the need for large marketing campaigns and match customers from all over the U.S. with dealer inventory."

Here is how the process works:

  • Enter the name of the desired vehicle/item into the search window, review the results and make a choice
  • Refine the inquiry using the step-by-step wizard tool 
  • Select the year for the preferred make and model
  • Select the desired price
  • Indicate desired features, ranked by level of importance
  • Enter personal information to create an account -- once the account is established, consumers can check the status of their search inquiry
  • Select any additional service offerings such as shipping of the vehicle upon purchase.
  • KosLo reaches out to all registered vendors with the buyer information, providing all of the specifics and desired price of the vehicle
  • Dealers can simply decline the deal if there are no matches or respond with a price
  • The KosLo system takes all bids and negotiates freight (if needed) for each offer
  • Customers are presented with five choices based on their search criteria
  • The dealer will receive a confirmation code indicating the buyer's acceptance of their deal, and works directly with the buyer to finalize the sale

For more information and to register for KosLo, visit

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