April 11, 2011 12:02 ET

KRISDA, Canada's #1 Sugar-Free Natural Stevia Sweetener Launches the First Ever Sugar-Free, All Natural, Zero Calorie Soda With 3 Essential Vitamins.

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - April 11, 2011) - Starting April 11th 2011, KRISDA launches a world first soda. Canada's leading sugar-free natural stevia sweetener brand KRISDA will launch the first sugar-free, all natural, zero calorie line of sodas in Canada.

No longer do Canadians have to choose between harmful diet sodas and fattening sugary sodas. Diet sodas contain a cocktail of artificial ingredients while fattening sugary sodas promote tooth decay, obesity and diabetes. Drinking KRISDA Natural Soda allows Canadians to enjoy a refreshing, sweet and delicious carbonated beverage while promoting good health with 3 essential vitamins. KRISDA Natural Sodas offer the following benefits:

  • Zero calories
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • No sugar
  • Sweetened with natural KRISDA Stevia
  • Vitamins A, C and E for good health
  • All natural flavours & natural colour
  • Gluten & GMO Free
  • Krisda is Kosher
  • Canadian owned and operated

If it isn't KRISDA Natural Soda... it doesn't contain KRISDA sweetener. KRISDA Natural Soda is made exclusively with KRISDA brand premium natural Stevia sweetener. Made in Canada, KRISDA contains only premium ingredients to ensure its purity, optimal sweetness and refreshing taste. KRISDA brand Stevia is the leading Stevia sweetener in Canada and has been since long before most people had heard of Stevia. "Through years of research and experience the KRISDA team has proudly developed what we believe is the best Stevia sweetener in the world," said Mark Wilson, VP Sales and Marketing. "Taste tests across Ontario and Quebec have shown consumers prefer the taste of our sodas to other major brands. This is because of our Krisda sweetener."

The sweetness in KRISDA comes from an extract of the Stevia plant native to South America which produces a sweetener 300 times sweeter than sugar but without the insulin-spiking effects or caloric content of sugar or the harmful chemicals of artificial sweeteners. Stevia extract has been used for centuries as a sweetener and has no side effects and is suitable for anyone.

"I love using KRISDA stevia, so I'm very excited that it's now available in a soda," said Kristine Fretwell, host of the Busy But Healthy internet TV show. "What's also great is the added vitamins, as most Canadians are missing essential nutrients in their diets." Fretwell is a former fitness model turned nutrition advisor and healthy lifestyle advocate. "There is growing concern about high sugar and artificially sweetened sodas, so KRISDA Natural Soda is the perfect alternative." Over the next few months Fretwell will be airing a series of online TV shows to educate people about the benefits of KRISDA and how to incorporate all KRISDA products into a healthy lifestyle.

The strong unmet consumer need and immediate marketing potential for the Krisda line of natural products is already attracting a lot of attention. The producers of Dragon's Den jumped on the opportunity to feature Krisda before their panel of Canadian business moguls next season. "The Dragon's have vision, they are self-made and I am confident they will recognize the need for Krisda sweeteners in healthy food," said Wilson. "I look forward to presenting Krisda to them and hopefully securing their support."

KRISDA Natural Soda launches April 11th, 2011 across Canada and will be available in four flavours to start: Cola, Root Beer, Blood Orange and Black Cherry.

KRISDA Natural Soda will be available at Metro, Sobeys, Save on Foods, Whole Foods Market, Highland Farms, Fortino's and most health food stores across Canada.

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