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January 20, 2011 08:00 ET

Krux Digital and PrivacyChoice Bring New Levels of Transparency and Trust to Online Advertising

This Technology Alliance Gives Consumers Greater Choice and Publishers Greater Control Over Data Collection and Audience Targeting Across the Web

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - January 20, 2011) - - Krux Digital and PrivacyChoice have announced an alliance to establish a new approach to preserving and propagating consumer tracking and targeting preferences across the web. Through this collaboration, the two firms give publishers and consumers greater control over how and when audience data is collected and used to enhance advertising, content, and commerce experiences. It will also give consumers a direct say in the data that is collected, by whom, and for what purpose.

PrivacyChoice is the leading provider of consumer online privacy solutions, and Krux Digital is delivering a neutral publisher platform for protecting, managing, and monetizing audience data. PrivacyChoice consumer controls will be integrated with Krux through a new platform module named Krux Consumer. While adoption is optional, publishers who employ Krux Consumer will benefit from full integration with the Krux data management platform. 

According to Gordon McLeod, digital media publishing executive, "This alliance represents a high-water mark for our industry, creating for the first time a direct connection between publisher business practices and consumer preferences. Many publishers have been searching for a no-to-low cost way to extend greater control to their audiences and further demonstrate to the market their sincere efforts at self-regulation. Krux and PrivacyChoice have come together to enable just that."

Through the Krux-PrivacyChoice alliance, consumers gain peace of mind that their favorite websites are hearing their voices and acting on their requests. And this solution gives publishers confidence that, cookie by cookie, ad call by ad call, they are making good on their commitment to transparency, privacy, and consumer choice. According to a survey of US Internet users conducted by Krux Digital in January 2011, many consumers are already taking advantage of the disjointed, disparate solutions available today; many more would embrace centralized profile management controls if offered the chance. 

  • 80% would feel "more positive" about websites that provided controls for managing profile information, with more than half (54%) stating they would feel "much more positive."
  • 52% take an active role in managing their digital signatures today, with 18% using browser plug-ins to prevent data collection and targeting; 30% using 'private browsing' features of their web browsers; and 38% using of various online 'opt-out' tools.
  • 85% would use centralized tools for managing profile information and controlling how that data was being used.
  • Most interestingly, 81% of respondents would even volunteer additional information about themselves if there was a clear value exchange for doing so.

The integration between PrivacyChoice and the Krux data management platform ensures that consumer profile data and privacy preferences are both collected and operationalized. Once submitted by a user, the appropriate consumer preference information will then be synchronized across all publishers leveraging the Krux platform. This represents a potentially powerful tool for an industry committed to privacy and data security self-regulation.

As Krux co-founder and CEO Tom Chavez explained, "The industry is long on rules and short on tools, and given the recent saber-rattling out of Washington, the rules list is at risk of getting a lot longer. By bringing together a tireless consumer-choice advocate like PrivacyChoice and a neutral publisher platform provider like Krux Digital, website operators and end users both benefit from new levels of control, security, transparency, and trust." 

Jim Brock, founder and CEO of PrivacyChoice, said, "PrivacyChoice is all about empowering consumers to control their own online profile, whether that means opting out of targeting or opting in for more relevant content and advertising. Through integration with Krux's website-based preference management, we can enable consumers to better realize the value exchange in ad supported content and services, in a way that ad network preference managers, standing alone, do not allow."

Consumers will be empowered through lightweight widgets deployed on publisher websites, and via the websites of Krux Digital ( and PrivacyChoice ( Users will be able to view, modify, and add to information stored about them. Through this interface, consumers may also opt in or out of ad targeting across hundreds of different online advertising companies.

Integration efforts between the two firms are already underway. Over 400,000 consumers have set ad targeting preferences through PrivacyChoice, and their service will be unaffected. Krux is making Krux Consumer, the newest component of its data management platform, available to leading publishers in February and March.

About Krux Digital:
Krux Digital, founded in early 2010, gives websites a platform to safeguard, manage, and make responsible use of consumer data signatures across multiple devices, sources, and formats. With Krux, websites become more secure, more intelligent conduits of consumer interests, behaviors, and intent. With Krux, consumers gain confidence that their favorite websites are operating under the plain light of day. Many digital media publishers are adopting Krux technology, including companies such as and Find out more at

About PrivacyChoice:
Founded in early 2009, the PrivacyChoice mission is to make online privacy easier for consumers and websites. PrivacyChoice provides a suite of privacy tools for tracking awareness (TrackerScan), tracking control across hundreds of companies (TrackerBlock) and automated website privacy scanning and disclosure for websites (PrivacyWidget). The PrivacyChoice database and tools were featured in the Wall Street Journal's online privacy series, and were cited in the FTC's recent privacy report. Visit to learn more.

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