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February 04, 2016 09:43 ET

Krux Launches Link™, the Industry's First Peer-to-Peer Data Connections Platform

Link Delivers Premium Audiences at Scale With Unrivalled Trust and Transparency, While Lowering Transaction Costs by 50% or More

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - February 04, 2016) - Krux, the market-leading provider of cloud-based data infrastructure, announced today the launch of Krux Link. Link is a connections platform serving as a natural data-as-a-service complement to Krux's core software platform. The Link service gives marketers the opportunity to find the people they care about across the large, virtual trust network Krux has built via the widespread global adoption of its data infrastructure. Scores of companies are participating in Link, including leaders like A&E,, Tribune, ConAgra Brands, L'Oreal, and Annalect, a division of Omnicom Media Group.

Krux Link does away with the long, complicated value chain needed to put people data to work today. Link streamlines and simplifies by creating direct connections between data owners and data buyers. Further, Link provides cost savings of 50% or more to all parties with a transparent, flat-fee facilitation model, in stark contrast to the revenue sharing arrangements and complex multi-step pricing approaches employed by others.

"For too long, we have lived in a world where the exchanges and marketplaces have behaved as market principals themselves, introducing costs and complexity that technology can solve. We listened to our customers' frustration with the status quo, specifically the too-many-hands-in-the-cookie-jar problem," said Tom Chavez, Krux co-founder and CEO. "With Link, Krux provides a large, virtual trust network where data owners and data buyers can connect directly, efficiently, and without fear of hidden costs."

Krux Link provides a unique peer-to-peer environment for companies that want to share data on times, terms, and conditions of their own choosing. As a participant-driven market, Krux Link offers its adopters a trusted, secure mechanism for policy-managed data transport, and, through its very design, eliminates worries about data quality, ownership, or provenance.

" is excited to partner with Krux in offering access to our data via Krux Link," said Paddy Hannon, chief technology officer at "We see our participation in the program as a natural step in the evolution of an increasingly data-centric strategy, and by launching this initiative with Krux, we have the peace of mind that all data transactions will be among trusted parties and conducted in a transparent and secure fashion."

"As a first-mover with Krux Link, OMG gains unique access to compelling, premium data to deliver more valuable insights and more effective campaigns for our advertisers," stated Steve Katelman, EVP Global Strategic Partnerships, Annalect, a division of Omnicom Media Group. "Further, the Link partnership enables deeper and more efficient data and media activation with publishers."

Link offers data across hundreds of distinct audience categories sourced from data owners globally.

Link helps data owners, such as media companies, establish new data-driven revenue streams. By taking advantage of Link's secure, policy-managed environment, data owners can make their first party audience assets available to pre-approved buyers. Data owners can establish terms and timing for all transactions and always have control over how their data will be used and by whom. At the same time, Link offers data buyers access to premium consumer data at significant scale and at lower cost and lower operational burden. For buyers and sellers, Krux charges only a fully transparent CPM-based facilitation fee, regardless of transaction type or deal size.

"As I speak with players across the market, they are hungry for efficient, effective data activation. Marketers and media companies want simplicity and transparency when putting data to work to inform their advertising, social engagements, email marketing, and content delivery," stated Michael Moreau, Krux chief solutions officer and general manager of Link. "Krux is answering their call to 'just handle it,' providing a complexity management layer to ensure seamless market connections. Krux Link will power no limits data activation across every consumer touch point and all delivery channels, serving as a catalyst for countless new and innovative consumer experiences." 

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Krux helps companies worldwide deliver more valuable, more personalized marketing, media, and commerce experiences. Krux's cloud-based data platform (DMP) operates in real time, unifying people data from all screens and sources into a single view of the individual; analysing the data to understand each individual's preferences; and activating the data across any delivery channel. Monthly, Krux interacts with 3 billion browsers and devices, serves over 20 billion page views, and processes nearly 2 billion CRM records. Founded in 2010, Krux is a venture-backed company headquartered in San Francisco with ten offices across five continents. Krux clients include companies like Kellogg, ConAgra, Jet Blue, Mondelez, Time Warner, Meredith, Peugeot-PSA, and Ticketmaster, with enterprises achieving a 10x return or higher on their investment. To learn more, visit, and follow Krux on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn.

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