October 16, 2012 07:00 ET

Krux Releases Breakthrough Open Source JavaScript Tag Serving Solution

Responding to an Enduring Web Performance Challenge, Krux PostScribe Delivers Revolutionary Approach to Asynchronous JavaScript Tag Delivery

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - Oct 16, 2012) - Krux, the technology leader in cloud-based consumer data management solutions, has publicly released Krux PostScribe, an open source solution to one of the most enduring problems on the web: how to make web pages faster. Krux PostScribe represents a revolutionary approach to 'async document.write,' overcoming web performance challenges inherent to document.write and its customary dependence on synchronous loading of page elements. Krux PostScribe was first announced by Krux technologist Derek Brans on Monday, October 15, during his presentation at the HTML5 Developer Conference in San Francisco.

"The JavaScript community has long struggled to come up with a solution to asynchronous document.write," says Dave Nugent, organizer of SFJS and HTML5 Developer Conference. "Kudos to the Krux team, Derek Brans and Nick Sullivan in particular, for having succeeded in cracking this nut with Krux PostScribe."

Krux developed PostScribe in response to the challenges faced by its many digital media clients in balancing advertiser expectations and consumer experience. Given that most ad serving events are not conducive to traditional asynchronous tagging approaches, web publishers inevitably face challenges where one page element blocks another at load time, most often with a call for an advertisement slowing the loading of page content. In the worst-case scenario, this puts the needs of the business, namely ad revenue, at odds with the user's need for speed.

Krux PostScribe leverages innerHTML and enables the type of tag execution ('immediate writes') required by most ad formats in an easy-to-use-and-deploy format. A few alternative solutions support 'immediate writes,' but they also introduce convoluted parsing and cumbersome DOM (Document Object Model) manipulation. Unlike other parties' innerHTML-based solutions, Krux PostScribe seamlessly enables the 'immediate writes' and makes native innerHTML streamable and fast. This ensures reliable ad delivery and gives web publishers greater control over advertising, content, and commerce activity.

"I'm very proud of the team and the successful launch of Krux PostScribe," stated Vivek Vaidya, Krux co-founder and CTO. "Best of all, we're making this solution fully open source. By releasing it into the wild, it's our hope that the product will improve with use and abuse and that, with its wide adoption, the industry as a whole will start migrating to more sensible tag serving standards."

Krux clients will see the benefits of PostScribe almost immediately through their use of Krux SuperTag, the tag management module of the company's data management platform (DMP). Krux SuperTag acts as a 'CMS for JavaScript,' speeding page load time up to 40% through smarter tag serving. All interested parties are encouraged to learn more about Krux PostScribe and collaborate on the solution by visiting the company's website and via the PostScribe project page on GitHub.

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