Krystal Walter Professional Matchmaking

Krystal Walter Professional Matchmaking

February 13, 2017 06:00 ET

Krystal Walter Matchmaking - Top Dating Tips for Valentine's Day

Krystal Walter offers expert insight ahead of the most romantic day of the year

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwired - Feb. 13, 2017) - With Valentine's Day fast approaching, the topic of dating and first dates is top-of-mind for many Albertans. Krystal Walter, professional matchmaker and owner of Krystal Walter Matchmaking, has developed eight tips to help those heading out for a date. Walter has provided many singles with tips and tricks to coach them through first date fears.

"Dating doesn't have to be a game, but keeping a few rules in mind can improve the odds of success," says Walter. "Throughout my years of matching Alberta singles, I have come to learn that one's actions before, during and after can make or break a date."

Walter's offers the following advice for Valentine's Day dating:

Pre-date preparation

  1. Don't rush - knowing what to look for in a partner is the first step, it's not about finding companionship as much as finding the right companion.
  2. Friends don't always know best - avoid asking for outside opinions as this can cloud personal judgments.
  3. Pictures don't capture it all - use caution, as photos don't always grab someone's personality.

Location, location, location

  1. No coffee shops - coffee houses tend to have a fast paced atmosphere that can make first dates feel rushed.
  2. Make it TV free - screens can consume attention and detract from conversation, so choosing a venue with a relaxed, intimate atmosphere is important.

The day of

  1. Relax - the first date is not an audition for marriage, it's simply a tryout for a second date.
  2. Play nice - there is merit to being warm and kind. Laughing at bad jokes isn't necessary, but it's always acceptable to admit to having a good time.
  3. Be impressionable - make the right amount of eye contact, smile, remain focused on the conversation and - most of all - have fun!

Plunging into the dating pool can be daunting, and can sometimes take some coaxing. Krystal Walter specializes in helping individuals put their best foot forward as they enter the dating world. Visit to learn more about setting up a personalized consultation with Krystal and her team to set you up for dating success.

About Krystal Walter Matchmaking:

Based in Alberta, Krystal Walter Matchmaking offers an exclusive and boutique approach to dating through personalized consultations and premium memberships. Krystal and her team have a natural aptitude for finding couples the perfect match without the use of complicated algorithms and time consuming questionnaires. Individual matches are identified based on lifestyle, values, goals, personality and physical requirements. Clients are then given control over their matches through a pre-approval process and assurance in knowing a full background check has been completed. For more information, please visit

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