SOURCE: KSW Industries, Inc.

March 17, 2006 11:27 ET

KSW Industries Intending to File for Worldwide Patent Protection for Its EM-100 Process

TORONTO -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 17, 2006 -- KSW Industries, Inc. (OTC: KSWJ) is pleased to announce that it intends to retain patent attorneys to apply for worldwide patent protection of its proprietary EM-100 process method. Previously the company announced an update on current testing of the EM-100 process method, indicating that current preliminary test results have proven extremely positive and the company believes that it is well positioned to move ahead on obtaining patents and bringing its product to market.

George Anderson, President of KSW Industries commented, "We believe that our unique and proprietary process methods could revolutionize the way heavy oil is processed. A combination of factors including environmental and political concerns, make the timing of our solution unique." He added, "The ability to convert heavy oil into a usable, high-quality product will prove to be invaluable to the multitude of companies looking to develop this resource into a marketable end-product."

KSW Industries EM-100 does not require the use of any harmful chemicals, release any harmful gases and does not discharge any negative effluent into the environment.

About KSW Industries, Inc.

KSW Industries ( is a resource technology company that offers a unique EM-100 process method for non-conventional oil resources. KSW Industries' method uses electromagnetic fluctuations for controlling physical-chemical processes. EM-100 utilizes these electromagnetic fluctuations to change and alter the pentanes within heavy oil. Preliminary testing of EM-100 on hydrocarbon raw material of the lowest quality has yielded an output of high-quality converted products, with minimal withdrawals. KSW Industries EM-100 does not require the use of any harmful chemicals, release any harmful gases and does not discharge any negative effluent into the environment.

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