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Kumho Electric USA

January 24, 2012 13:30 ET

Kumho Electric Introduces UL Approved 200W Induction Lamp

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, CA--(Marketwire - Jan 24, 2012) - Expanding its line of Econergy induction lighting, Kumho Electric has introduced a 200W lamp/generator set. The new unit is among the first 200W globe-style induction lamps to receive UL approval.

"Although LEDs get the attention, the best solution for many lighting applications is induction. It beats out LEDs for cost-effectiveness and long life," notes Alan Medak, General Manager, Kumho Electric USA. "With a rated life of 100,000 hours -- twice as long as LEDs -- and costs that are less than half that of LEDs, induction lighting is really today's practical, workhorse technology," Medak adds.

Kumho Electric's 200W Econergy induction lamp is well-suited for both outdoor and indoor large area lighting. Exterior applications range from parking lots and street lighting to gas station canopies, tunnel wall packs, tennis courts and sports stadiums. Indoors they are ideal for high-bay fixtures in warehouses, retail, gyms or convention centers. They can be utilized in a wide variety of fixtures suited for pole, ceiling and wall-mounted applications.

This 200W lamp/generator set is a comparable replacement for a 360W Metal Halide or a 400W HPS (high pressure sodium) lamp, delivering better light while using about half the power. But the biggest savings don't come in the form of monthly electric bills. Instead, this one induction lamp will last for ten years or more, while an HPS lamp will have to be replaced about three times and a Metal Halide lamp as many as five times over 10 years. That adds up to very substantial savings on materials and labor considering the high cost of servicing hard-to-reach high bay fixtures.

The new 200W lamp/generator set extends Kumho's Econergy induction line which also includes 150W, 100W, 70W, and 40W versions. With a 100,000 hour-rated life, high lumen output, minimal lumen depreciation, outstanding color rendering, and instant-on features, Econergy induction lighting provides a versatile, high-efficiency, low-maintenance, long-term lighting solution.

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Kumho Electric, Ltd., a global lighting industry leader, has manufacturing plants throughout Asia and operates a U.S. distribution center in Southern California. Worldwide, Kumho Electric is known for its technical expertise in LEDs, induction lighting, CCFL backpanel lighting, and pioneering energy-efficient lighting products including the long-life Sequoa T8 fluorescent. Kumho Electric is based in South Korea.

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