SOURCE: Dr. Christopher Davidson

January 13, 2017 16:30 ET

Kybella® Comes to Dr. Christopher Davidson's Boston-Area Practice

November saw the addition of the popular double chin-reducing injectable to Dr. Christopher Davidson's menu of services

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwired - January 13, 2017) - Liposuction is a common solution to the problem of submental fat, which collects at the neck and causes a bulging roll -- commonly called a double chin. Not every patient who wants to re-contour that area of the face is ready for surgery, however. Fortunately, there are also nonsurgical methods for reducing fat. One of the most popular of these is Kybella®. The Boston area's Dr. Christopher Davidson, a Harvard-trained plastic surgeon, began offering the injectable in November, further expanding the range of choices available to his patients.

Nothing but surgery can deliver surgical-level results, but patients who want to avoid the cost and downtime associated with a more involved procedure can choose Kybella®, which is administered quickly and produces reliable results. A Kybella® session lasts about half an hour and involves a series of injections into the submental area, where the active ingredient -- deoxycholic acid -- begins breaking down unwanted fat cells for processing. The process is familiar to the body, which makes its own deoxycholic acid to aid with digestion.

Once freed and eliminated, the fat from a double chin does not return, unlike the risk common to other fat-reduction methods, which may leave the cells smaller, but still present. Fat cells that remain in place are free to grow again. For obvious reasons, fat cells no longer in the body cannot.

Unwanted fat leaves the submental area and the body over a course of weeks after a Kybella® treatment. Since a percentage of fat cells are destroyed with each session, many people need up to four treatments, each spaced about six weeks apart, to achieve the neck contours they want.

Kybella® is made by Allergan, a company with a longstanding reputation for manufacturing high-quality treatments and products for the medical community. Allergan also makes BOTOX®, which smooths out muscle-formed wrinkles; Juvéderm®, a line of dermal fillers that add volume to the skin; Latisse®, a prescription cosmetic for lengthening eyelashes; and a variety of implants for breast augmentation.

Dr. Davidson is happy to meet with patients interested in making a change to their neck contours, and he can help determine whether Kybella®, liposuction, or another treatment would be ideal. In some cases, loose and sagging skin also contributes to dissatisfying facial contours, so a skin-tightening procedure may be recommended, with or without fat reduction, depending on the patient.

Learn more about Kybella® and what it can do by contacting Dr. Christopher Davidson at his Boston-area plastic surgery practice in Wellesley, MA. Call (781) 237-7700 or send a message online.

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