SOURCE: Kyle Patrick Alvarez

August 20, 2008 21:59 ET

Kyle Patrick Alvarez: Redefining Filmmaking

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - August 20, 2008) - In a film industry dominated by rehashed plotlines, Kyle Patrick Alvarez epitomizes the new 'do it yourself,' independent perspective on filmmaking. The Los Angeles based writer and director has been generating a lot of buzz with his new independent film, "Easier with Practice."

Alvarez grew up in the Miami Latino community as a first generation American in his Cuban family. He received his Bachelor's degree in Motion Pictures and English Literature from the University of Miami, and then moved to Los Angeles to begin work in the movie industry while keeping his directing dreams close at hand. He quickly landed a job working for Warren Beatty until inspiration struck. After reading the GQ article, "What are you Wearing," by Davy Rothbart, Kyle left his job and committed himself fully to creating a feature film based on the story. Without any formal representation, Kyle pursued the rights to the article on his own and quickly began to write the screenplay for "Easier with Practice." He spent the next year fine-tuning the script and raising the financing for the film.

Even though the film is currently in post-production, people have been flocking to the movie's website to view Alvarez's video blog. In front of a camera at his laptop, his insightful video diary entries illustrate his ability to maintain his creative vision while still working on a fast-paced production. For Alvarez, making a point of saying dreams can come true is a must. He's determined to demystify the filmmaking process and share the knowledge he's gained with other like-minded young filmmakers.

Alvarez and his crew filmed his movie with the new RED camera. Abandoning film and tape, the RED camera shoots straight to a hard drive and allows the user to directly transfer the raw shooting footage to a laptop. In fact, the entire editing process of the film has been completed on a consumer level laptop. This has enabled Alvarez to make decisions during the filming of "Easier with Practice" be controlled not by the amount of film in the camera or its cost, but by the creative process.

What started out as a magazine article, the film "Easier with Practice" promises to be a work created by a filmmaker not influenced by the long development times, large budgets and pressures of working in the Hollywood norm. The film and its director are fueled by creativity and the desire to make a low budget film without compromise. In a world of spin-offs and remakes, Kyle Patrick Alvarez offers a new hope for the independent filmmaking process.

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