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October 21, 2013 12:39 ET

L2FU Searches for Missing Patients Bear Fruit in Clinical Trials

Patients Lost During a Clinical Trial Result in Study Delays, Increased Patient Recruitment Costs and Compromised Study Data

KING OF PRUSSIA, PA--(Marketwired - Oct 21, 2013) - Long-term follow-up studies for specific medical conditions are essential. Such research studies are needed to critically evaluate the outcome of a treatment intervention However, in long-term studies it is easy for patients to stop participating and become 'lost-to-follow-up.' When patients become "lost" during a clinical trial it compromises the data and the statistical power needed to prove the safety and efficacy of the drug being studied. Importantly, regulatory agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) want to know the status of these patients.

L2FU is a company dedicated to finding patients who become "lost-to-follow-up."

Patients are deemed lost-to-follow-up when three contact attempts are made including several documented phone calls and a certified letter, but no response is received. The L2FU team was asked to recover patients for a major diabetes study being conducted globally. Working within a specific timeframe, the L2FU team successfully delivered the missing information necessary to complete data analysis.

Certain medical conditions can be prone to increased risk of patients lost-to-follow-up. According to researchers, up to two thirds of child cancer survivors have at least one chronic or late-occurring complication of their cancer therapy, with about one third having serious or life-threatening complications.

Close to half of adolescents who survive childhood cancer will have at least one major adverse health problem as a result of their cancer therapy. The incidence of adverse problems increases with age and often become clinically apparent decades after therapy. "This fact underscores the importance of long-term follow-up to accurately define health outcomes, characterize high-risk groups, and implement risk-reducing interventions," says Liz Moench, President and CEO of MediciGroup, L2FU's parent company.

"Finding these lost patients goes a long way in ensuring that studies meet their primary endpoints and the study's data is accepted by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)," noted Bernard Hall, L2FU's manager and main point of contact. Hall leads the L2FU team in their quick and diligent efforts to recover lost patients.

About L2FU
L2FU, a division of MediciGroup Inc., is dedicated to finding patients for clinical trials. Working within strict privacy guidelines in more than 40 countries, the L2FU team proactively works with study sponsors, clinical sites, and hospitals to swiftly recover patients and consequently, potential missing data. Minimizing the number of lost patients in a study requires proactive development and implementation of programs that keep patients interested and coming back for study visits.

The L2FU team has years of experience in proactively recovering lost study subjects. It has access to many databases containing millions of vital records. When as shown by Tufts University Center for Drug Development, study coordinator workload has increased so significantly, services such as those provided by the L2FU team are valued both by sponsors, clinical research organizations (CROs) and research centers alike. Study sponsors retain L2FU services so that study coordinators can focus their time on patients still active in the study. L2FU's success in recovering lost patients ensures critical study data is accounted for. For more information about L2FU visit or call Bernard Hall at 484-674-6816.

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