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La Mancha Resources Inc.

September 05, 2007 17:30 ET

La Mancha: Significant High Grade "Hits" Between Rocket and Mist Orebodies at Frog's Leg

SOME OF THE BEST INTERSECTIONS: - 10m @ 19.72g/t Au from 421m - 5m @ 18.14g/t Au from 376m - 10m @ 17.55g/t Au from 441m - 12m @ 15.70g/t Au from 376m

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - Sept. 5, 2007) - La Mancha Resources inc. ((TSX:LMA), thereafter "La Mancha" or the "Company") is pleased to announce significant results from the latest diamond drill holes completed at the advanced Frog's Leg project. As indicated above, many high grade zones have been intersected. Moreover, the new drill results suggest mineralization may be continuous between the Rocket and Mist ore bodies, thus potentially leading to mine development cost reductions and a further resource upgrade.

As published on May 14, 2007, a single diamond hole was drilled between Rocket and Mist in early 2007 and intersected 5m at 16g/t Au. Results of two of the three diamond holes drilled to follow up this hole are now available. MEDD119, located 25m above the previously drilled hole, intersected 10m at 19.72g/t Au from 421m and 10m at 17.55g/t Au from 441m. Similarly, MEDD120, located 50m south of the previously drilled hole, intersected 12m at 15.7g/t Au from 435m and 6m at 11.47g/t Au from 451m.

Previous shallower drilling between the Mist and Rocket resource returned narrow zones of low to moderate grade mineralization. The new drilling indicates that the two resources may be linked at depth. This may result in a further resource upgrade and can potentially have a positive impact on the mine development by reducing the cost of developing between the two resources.

In addition, several other zones of high-grade mineralization have been intersected in the Mist, Fog and Rocket ore bodies. Some of the best results, found in the Rocket ore body, include an intersect of 1m at 12.05g/t Au from 199.8m and 5m at 18.14 g/t Au from 376m. These results should translate into an increase in the indicated resource.

The current drilling program at Frog's Leg was initiated in third quarter of 2006. With the goal of improving the resource base prior to the finalization of a feasibility study for an underground mine, the drilling program has resulted in a 150% increase in the Frog's Leg measured and indicated resource since May of 2006. During the first half of this year, the focus was on converting the inferred resource at Mist and Fog to an indicated status. Following the successful completion of this program, which translated into nearly doubling the December 2006 stated measured and indicated resource, it was with much anticipation that further drilling was done. In July, drilling has targeted the lower portions of the Rocket resource, the "gap" area between Mist and Rocket, as well as the Mist and Fog ore bodies. A full list of results from the drilled holes is shown in Appendix A.


Additional diamond holes will be drilled to further delineate the extent of the mineralization between the Mist and Rocket resources. The program will comprise of six holes for approximately 3200m. The location of the planned holes is shown in Appendix C. The holes have been designed to extend the high-grade mineralized zone intersected in the Gap area and to extend to the boundary of the inferred resource. These holes are scheduled to be completed by the fourth quarter of this year.

Although the recent obtained results won't be included in the Feasibility Study, scheduled to be released in October, they could represent an upside potential which may be included at a later date. Production at the Frog's Leg underground mine is still expected to commence in the first semester of 2008.


The technical information contained in this news release was prepared under the supervision of Martin Bennett (MAIG), who is the Qualified Person under NI 43-101. Mr. Bennett is a full time employee of La Mancha Resources. He has sufficient experience which is relevant to the style of mineralisation and type of deposit to qualify as a Competent Person as defined in the 2004 Edition of the "Australasian Code of Exploration Results, Minerals Resources and Ore Reserves". Mr. Bennett consents to the inclusion in the report of the matters based on his information in the form and context in which it appears.

All samples are half NQ2 diamond drill core sampled on a one-metre basis. Samples were assayed at Genalysis Laboratories in Perth, using a 400g LeachWell cyanide leach, followed by solvent extraction and flame AAS. The average true widths are just over one-half of the intersection length. The locations of the intersection points are shown in the accompanying long section.


La Mancha Resources Inc. is an international gold producer based in Canada with operations, development projects and exploration activities in Africa, Australia and in Argentina.

La Mancha Resources operates and owns 51% of the Frog's Leg mine through its interests in the Mungari East joint venture with Dioro. The Frog's Leg open-pit commenced production in 2004. Operations were conducted according to the mining plan until the end of 2005, at which point surface ore extraction was finalized. Further drilling campaigns conducted since then have focused on improving the viability of an underground operation.

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This press release contains certain "forward-looking statements", including, but not limited to the statements regarding the quantity of mineralization in place, the mineable character of the drilling results, mining exploration risks, calculation and evolution of mineral resources, potential for resources additions, market price of gold, future work programs and objectives associated therewith, drilling targets and anticipated results, interpretation of work results, development plans and anticipated timetables, in particular as regards feasibility study completion and mine development, and the economic and technical potential for a mining and milling operation. Forward-looking statements express, as at the date of this press release, the Company's plans, estimates, forecasts, projections, expectations or beliefs as to future events and results. Forward-looking statements involve a number of risks and uncertainties, and there can be no assurance that such statements will prove to be accurate. Therefore, actual results and future events could differ materially from those anticipated in such statements. Risks and uncertainties that could cause results or future events to differ materially from current expectations expressed or implied by the forward-looking statements include, but are not limited to, factors associated with fluctuations in the market price of precious metals, mining industry risks, risks associated with foreign operations, environmental risks and hazards, uncertainty as to calculation of mineral reserves and other risks referred to in La Mancha's 2006 Annual Information Form filed with the Securities Commissions, and the Toronto Stock Exchange.

Appendix A

New Holes Drilled
Hole Northing Easting Depth (m) Dip Azimuth Interval Intercept
(NB. All continuous zones of greater than1g/t Au are reported.)
MEDD113 6596003 333623 517 52.31 -66 300-301m 1m @
4.27g/t Au
329-330m 1m @
1.7g/t Au
368-369m 1m @
6.33g/t Au
409-410m 1m @
1.09g/t Au
435-436m 1m @
1.6g/t Au
443-444m 1m @
1.27g/t Au
MEDD116 6595324 334212 353 50.95 -67.44 306-309m 3m @
4.05g/t Au
334-335m 1m @
1.99g/t Au
MEDD118 6595421 334179 292 55.74 -68.14 235-236m 1m @
1.42g/t Au
239-240m 1m @
5.58 g/t Au
MEDD119 6595561 333925 561 45.66 -63.93 220-221m 1m @
1.82 g/t Au
377-379m 2m @
10.50g/t Au
380-383m 3m @
10.26g/t Au
411-413m 2m @
9.87g/t Au
415-417m 2m @
3.76 g/t Au
421-431m 10m @
19.72g/t Au
432-433m 1m @
15.69g/t Au
441-451m 10m @
17.55g/t Au
456-458m 2m @
1.45g/t Au
460-461m 1m @
1.96g/t Au
462-465m 3m @
10.22g/t Au
484-485m 1m @
1.45g/t Au
557-558m 1m @
1.34g/t Au
MEDD120 333925 6595561 639 56.17 -67.51 432-433m 1m @
3.13g/t Au
435-447m 12m @
15.70g/t Au
448-450m 2m @
1.97g/t Au
451-457m 6m @
11.47g/t Au
458-465m 7m @
6.50g/t Au
466-467m 1m @
2.79g/t Au
469-470m 1m @
2.77g/t Au
476-478m 2m @
3.40g/t Au
484-485m 1m @
1.95g/t Au
486-491m 5m @
6.21g/t Au
MEDD121 334101 6595404 344.99 51.59 -59.39 180-182m 2m @
2.56g/t Au
297-298m 1m @
5.9g/t Au
305-306m 1m @
1.66g/t Au
308-309m 1m @
10.87g/t Au
311-316m 5m @
2.89g/t Au
MEDD122 334089 6595419 465.7 49.89 -68.01 376-381m 5m @
18.14 g/t Au
393-394m 1m @
1.13 g/t Au
399-402m 3m @
2.44g/t Au
409-412m 3m @
3.29g/t Au
416-417m 1m @
2.71g/t Au
MEDD123 334065 6595474 411.53 51.89 -64.49 199.8-200.8m 1m @
12.05g/t Au
318-322m 4m @
7.68g/t Au
355-356m 1m @
1.32g/t Au
386-387m 1m @
1.26g/t Au

Appendix B

Unpublished Results Already Included In The June 2007 Resource Update
Hole Northing Easting Depth (m) Dip Azimuth Interval Intercept
(NB. All continuous zones of greater than1g/t Au are reported.)
MEDD110 6595919 333704 381 53.6 -58.76 328-332m 4m @
3.11g/t Au

MEDD112 6595939 333625 504 51.28 -62.35 319-320 1m @
1.12g/t Au
445-448 3m @
15.91g/t Au
449-450 1m @
2.68g/t Au
451-467 16m @
6.32g/t Au
469-470 1m @
2.76g/t Au
473-475 2m @
1.51g/t Au
MEDD114 6595852 333740 427 50.9 -61.81 360-368m 8m @
13.26g/t Au
371-372m 1m @
2.2g/t Au
373-374m 1m @
11.8g/t Au
383-384m 1m @
1.38g/t Au
391-393m 2m @
2.21g/t Au
395-396m 1m @
2.41g/t Au
407-408m 1m @
1.24g/t Au
MEDD115 6596003 333623 489 51.63 -61.18 390-392m 2m @
39.69g/t Au
396-397m 1m @
2.15g/t Au
398-400m 2m @
2.93g/t Au
402-403m 1m @
2.16g/t Au
MEDD117 6596004 33624 407 51.39 -59.17 240-241m 1m @
7.28g/t Au
273-274m 1m @
1.15g/t Au
355-356m 1m @
2.58g/t Au
360-361m 2m @
3.10g/t Au

Appendix C

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