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September 25, 2013 08:00 ET

L.A. Nik's Rockin' This Town Announces Downtown Minneapolis Landmine Map Released

The "Mayor of Minneapolis After Dark" Has Released a Minneapolis Downtown Landmine Map

MINNEAPOLIS, MN--(Marketwired - Sep 25, 2013) - The Mayor of Minneapolis After Dark (L.A. Nik), has taken a step to further public education and downtown safety. Meet MY Minneapolis (, the night time Mayor's downtown blog, will be showcasing a new map which highlights areas of concern for public safety.

"Minneapolis is a great city, and like every city, it has its challenges. We decided to help travelers, suburban visitors and those that simply are not familiar with the streets of Minneapolis by providing a simplistic guide to both Hennepin and Nicollet Avenues," says L.A. Nik.

The Downtown Minneapolis Landmine Map is a useful guide that will serve as an amendment to other maps. The map reveals three different zones to be aware of after 8pm in the evening.

  • High Danger Zones are signified by the landmine icon.
  • Medium Risk zones are orange.
  • Safe Zones are marked in green.

The key education points on the Downtown Minneapolis Landmine Map are meant to focus the public on safety and serve as a reminder to be educated and safe while enjoying downtown.

The Downtown Minneapolis Landmine Map is a product of and funded by the Downtown Business Coalition. The map will be downloadable, sharable and printable. The map will also be available at participating downtown businesses, primarily in the "safe zones."

Maps will be available for local businesses upon request at no charge.

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L.A. Nik is a Professional Entertainment Personality - career musician, business owner, and entrepreneur in Hollywood CA, West Palm Beach FL, and Minneapolis MN. Having started a career at 17 years of age, and after two decades of music, Los Angeles club ownership, a vintage auto repair shop in West Palm Beach Florida, and several other entrepreneurial adventures, L.A. Nik finds himself retired and full of reflections at 49 years of age in downtown Minneapolis.

While making waves in Minneapolis, L.A. Nik is a well known figure at nearly every joint in downtown. After having multiple press write-ups in various papers, L.A. Nik has taken upon himself to shake up the scene with blog entries and obvious reports on what "Minnesotans" are scared to say and scared to print.

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