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Labor Day Weekend in Lake Tahoe: What to Do and Where to Stay This Labor Day 2014 in Lake Tahoe by

Looking to Celebrate This Labor Day With Fun, Fireworks and Family? Lake Tahoe Has Everything Travelers Will Need to Mark the Occasion

LAKE TAHOE, CA--(Marketwired - Aug 18, 2014) - It may symbolize the turning of a season, but the joy of summer isn't quite over when it comes to Labor Day celebrations in Lake Tahoe. Concerts are still being held outdoors; water activities like paddle boarding and jet skiing are still in full swing. For visitors looking to take advantage of summer's last huzzah, here are just a few things to do and a few places to visit in Lake Tahoe during Labor Day complied by, a local tourism guide.

1: Labor Day Fireworks Extravaganza
An explosion of lights, colors and sounds, the Labor Day Fireworks Extravaganza marks the end of summer in a spectacular fashion. Bottle rockets and beehives light up the sky; a music show accompanies the flashes and bangs; the crowd gasps, shrieks and cheers as one. There's no better way to enjoy the festivities of Lake Tahoe than the Labor Day Fireworks Extravaganza, so grab a blanket and claim a spot on Nevada Beach or the Timber Cove Marina for a front row seat to a pyrotechnic dream.

2: Helicopter Tour
Experience the world like never before when flying over the hills and mountains of Lake Tahoe. Anyone can take a guided tour of the shore, but how many can say they've soared the sky over it? Reno Tahoe Helicopters allows visitors to see the Lake from the best perspective, so don't hesitate to book an appointment and try something completely different this Labor Day. More info here:

3: Sample the Sierra
Enjoy a taste of finer things with Sample the Sierra. This low-key festival offers everything from wine tours to cooking competitions, and free samples of the goods are available every step of the way. Visitors will also enjoy dazzling exhibits of jams, honeys, veggies and homemade crafts from the festival marketplace, where vendors from all over the region gather to sell their wares. There are even open-air concerts with some of Lake Tahoe's hottest acts! For a good time without the chaos of other Labor Day events, relax at Sample the Sierra.

4: Forest Suites Resort
When visitors are tired of hang gliding and wine tasting, they find rest and relaxation at the Forest Suites Resort. Not only does the hotel offer top-notch amenities like jacuzzi tubs and LCD flat screens, but they're also tucked away in the quiet pines of Lake Tahoe's mountains, allowing guests to "get away from it all" after a busy Labor Day weekend. It's one of the best places in the entire area to unplug, breathe deeply and simply enjoy the heart of nature.

5: SWA Watersports
Lake Tahoe's biggest attraction is its deep, sky-blue lake, which is the largest alpine lake on the continent and one of the deepest in the entire world. So why not hit the water for some fun on Labor Day? Take a cruise for an unforgettable honeymoon; go splashing or jet-skiing with the kids; enjoy a fishing expedition with knowledgeable guides who know exactly where the tuna are biting. There's always a thrill to be had on Lake Tahoe.

6: Concerts At Commons Beach
Hundreds gather every year for the Concerts At Commons Beach, an annual event that lasts for twelve weekends during the hottest parts of summer. Their logic is that people will be sweating anyway, so why not make it from dancing to live music with a drink in hand? Past genres have included everything from zydeco to country music, and the menu can range from sushi to burgers to barbeque. Children are welcome as well; the beach offers playground facilities and plenty of space to run around and enjoy the sunshine. They might like the ice cream vendors, too!

7: Aston Lakeland Village
When nothing but the best will do, book a stay at Aston Lakeland Village. Their condos are located right on the shore, offering gorgeous views of rising suns and starry nights over the water, and they're also only a short distance from all the shops, cafes and restaurants that a visitor could want. They even provide a shuttle service around the general South Lake Tahoe area! For travelers who want comfort and convenience in a single package, Ashton Lakeland Village should be their first and final stop.

8: Camp Richardson Corral
Perfect for visitors of all ages, Camp Richardson Corral offers guests a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with Mr. Ed. Young children will adore the gentle ponies that devour sugar cubes right out of their hands; older teens and adults will love guided horseback rides through the trails and meadows of the National Forest. Even families can enjoy a trip together with hay wagon rides pulled by a pair of majestic draft horses!

9: The Mount Tallac Loop
Work up a sweat during the last days of summer by taking the famous Mount Tallac Loop. The mountain itself is almost 10,000 feet tall, though climbers don't have to trek the entire summit to enjoy breathtaking views and birdsong. In fact, many only ascend high enough to get a good view of Labor Day fireworks! As previous visitors can attest, there's nothing in the world like being eye-level with blasts of fiery beauty.

10: Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel
Offering everything from fluffy towels to expensive coffee makers, the Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel is an experience in luxury from check-in to checkout. Not only do their suites overlook some of the most incredible sights in the Sienna, but they strive to make their interior just as attractive, with deep tubs, king-size beds and free complimentary drinks for guests 21 and over. Labor Day in Lake Tahoe can be busy and exhausting, but a room at this resort will leave all its guests refreshed, rejuvenated and ready for more.

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