May 21, 2013 10:00 ET

Labrada Nutrition Announces Launch Of PowerCarb, Natural and Effective Athletic Performance Supplement

Labrada Nutrition is pleased to announce the launch of a new product. PowerCarb, a supplement engineered to enhance athletic performance by increasing glycogen levels in the muscles and decreasing recovery time, is not just effective but also 100 percent natural and safe. Labrada Nutrition prides itself on creating quality products that help athletes train harder and perform better.

HOUSTON, TEXAS--(Marketwired - May 21, 2013) - Labrada Nutrition, a leader in the sports nutrition market, is pleased to announce the launch of their newest creation, PowerCarb. This sports nutrition supplement has been engineered to increase an athlete's energy levels, decrease their recovery time, and allow them to exercise longer and harder.

PowerCarb is an effective, all-natural way to boost energy and improve athletic performance. Lee Labrada, Founder and CEO of Labrada Nutrition, explains that, "PowerCarb rapidly replenishes muscle glycogen - up to 1,200 percent faster than waxy maize or common carbohydrates." Because PowerCarb forces glycogen stores into the muscles, athletes will find that their energy levels increase, allowing them to exercise longer. PowerCarb has been designed specifically with the training athlete in mind: because the sports nutrition supplement replenishes glycogen so quickly, athletes can also recover quickly, which is needed by those training multiple times a day. The full video review can be seen here.

Unlike competing brands of sports nutrition supplement, Labrada Nutrition's PowerCarb will not cause an athlete's energy levels to crash. Because the supplement is sugar-free, it will elevate and sustain energy. PowerCarb will allow training athletes to get through two hours or more of intense training.

PowerCarb is a unique supplement in terms of its effectiveness and its numerous benefits. In addition to replenishing glycogen 12 times faster than simple carbohydrates or sugar, PowerCarb also works instantly; its molecular structure allows for quick absorption, resulting in quick results. Additionally, PowerCarb won't upset an athlete's stomach. An athlete can take 2 scoops of PowerCarb with 20 ounces of water either before training or during training to prevent the onset of fatigue and to sustain energy.

PowerCarb is a unique sports supplement. Taking PowerCarb will not only provide instant benefits to the training athlete in terms of increased energy and decreased recovery times, but it will also enhance the effectiveness of other supplements that an athlete is taking. Labrada explains that, "because PowerCarb passes quickly through the stomach it acts like a pump, pulling water and nutrients along with it, which are then shuttled into muscles." An athlete who is also taking protein supplements, amino acids or creatine will find that taking PowerCarb will increase the effectiveness of that supplement.

Labrada Nutrition prides itself on creating all-natural, safe supplements that won't test positive for banned substances. Lee Labrada has compiled more information on PowerCarb in an instructional, comprehensive video located at


Labrada Nutrition is the most trusted name is sports nutrition, a reputation they earned from creating high-quality supplements that are 100 percent safe and 100 percent natural. All nutrition products are steroid-free, hormone-free, and created in FDA and pharmaceutical-grade facilities. For more information, or to purchase a product from Labrada Nutrition, visit

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