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July 02, 2013 20:09 ET

Labrada Nutrition's SuperCharge Xtreme Scientifically Proven To Be Effective Pre-Workout Supplement

Unlike competing brands of workout supplement, Labrada Nutrition's SuperCharge Xtreme N.O. is made with more cutting-edge active ingredients, resulting in increased muscle size, energy levels and strength. SuperCharge users are able to get more out of each workout when taking this safe and natural supplement. Scientifically proven to be effective, SuperCharge helps athletes achieve all their training goals.

HOUSTON, TEXAS--(Marketwired - July 2, 2013) - Athletes who constantly feel fatigued after work or school can now get the most out of their workout, thanks to Labrada Nutrition's SuperCharge Xtreme N.O. pre-workout supplement.

The SuperCharge supplement contains active ingredients in quantities that work effectively. Just two scoops of the nutritional powder 30 minutes before a workout, and the athlete will feel energized, motivated, and ready to power through a training session.

SuperCharge Xtreme works in three phases. The first phase is known as the "energy and pump" phase, which is where the athlete begins to feel more energized and more motivated due to nutrient-rich blood being pumped through the body. Interestingly, athletes consuming SuperCharge were found to experience an 82 percent increase in mental work energy, even after just the first dose.

The second phase is referred to as the "strength and endurance" phase, which is where the training athlete begins to feel stronger and more powerful. As a result, athletes fight fatigue, and train harder and longer. A scientific study conducted at the University of Kansas found that athletes consuming SuperCharge increased their bench press by 70 percent more reps than athletes not taking SuperCharge Xtreme; they also increased squat power by 110 percent more than the control group. Simply, SuperCharge increases the number of reps an athlete does and therefore increases how hard they are able to train. More information on this study can be found online, and it is possible to watch it here.

The third phase is known as the "post workout recovery" phase. Here, muscle pH is optimized and lactic acid is reduced. SuperCharge aids an athlete's recovery, preparing them for the next glycogen-depleting workout they'll do.

"SuperCharge is the most potent pre-workout powder available," Lee Labrada, the Founder and CEO of Labrada Nutrition, explains. While some companies will hide behind proprietary blends, Labrada Nutrition prides itself on informing users of the supplement's active ingredients and listing these ingredients in their corresponding amount. "We believe athletes should know exactly what they're paying for," says Labrada.

In addition to being the most potent product out there, SuperCharge Xtreme N.O. also gives athletes their money's worth. Just one bottle of SuperCharge will power an athlete through 50 workouts; competing brands will get athletes through just 30 workouts. More information on this product can be found at:


Labrada Nutrition, a sports supplement brand that is currently the most trusted name is sports nutrition, is proud to have earned the reputation for creating high-quality supplements that are 100 percent safe and 100 percent natural. Unlike competing brands of workout supplement, no athlete taking Labrada products will test positive in a drug test; all products are steroid-free and hormone-free. For more information, or to purchase a product from Labrada Nutrition, visit

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