Lac Seul First Nation

May 30, 2011 12:09 ET

Lac Seul First Nation-Committed to Becoming a Full Active Participant in the Regional Economy by Managing Sustainable Forestry License

LAC SEUL FIRST NATION, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - May 30, 2011) - Lac Seul First Nation (LSFN) remains committed to the rebuilding of the region's foundering forestry-based economy, in the wake of significant changes to Ontario's regulatory regime for forestry and forest tenure, and recent receivership announcements associated with Buchanan Forest Products Group (BFP), McKenzie Forest Products Inc. (MFP), and the MFP sawmill at Hudson.

The Lac Seul Forest SFL, held by Greenforest Management Inc. (GMI; a subsidiary of the Buchanan Forest Products Group, now in receivership), was subject to the recent wood allocation process conducted by Ministry of Northern Development, Mines, and Forestry (MNDMF). This allocation, comprising approximately 500,000 m3 of softwood annually, was formally offered to, and accepted by, Domtar for use in their Dryden pulp operations.

LSFN has an existing stake in the local forest industry and the Lac Seul Forest SFL, through an overlapping license agreement signed with MFP. The overlapping license details allowable short-term (i.e., 40-year horizon) harvests of 19,000 m3 of softwood, and draws on fibre from both reserve land and two parcels of Crown land isolated from the rest of the Lac Seul Forest by the reservoir but contiguous to the reserve.

LSFN maintains that the Sustainable Forest License for the Lac Seul Forest should be operated as a cooperative between the SFL holder and Aboriginal communities encompassed by or adjacent to the Lac Seul Forest.

LSFN remains committed to supporting and working with the Ontario government in its efforts to implement MNDMF's Growth Plan for Northern Ontario and maintains that the regional effects of this cooperative would be in line with those priorities identified in the Growth Plan. Specifically, that this cooperative will be capable of providing support to the development goals of the Provincial and Federal Crowns – such as bringing sustained growth to the First Nation, Municipality of Sioux Lookout and region, retaining youth by offering significant employment opportunities, and by significantly improving infrastructure networks.

LSFN has been actively working on bringing business opportunities to Northwestern Ontario by developing partnerships and agreements with both government and industry. In order to ensure that LSFN is able to engage in legitimate and viable ventures, access to approximately 250,000 m3 would be required.

A meaningful investment in such First Nations partnerships will help build the fledgling local economy, resolve the unemployment epidemic and provide sustainable long-term business solutions to Ontario's North.

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