Ladybug Teknologies Inc.

Ladybug Teknologies Inc.

October 08, 2009 09:01 ET

Ladybug Teknologies Develops Real-Time Drinking Buddy for Social Drinkers BAQ Tracker™ Goes Mobile on BlackBerry

CAMBRIDGE, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Oct. 8, 2009) - Social technology expert, Ladybug Teknologies Inc., announced today that it has developed a software application for smart phones that will keep social drinkers aware of their blood alcohol concentration (BAC) while they drink. BAQ TrackerTM Mobile integrates an advanced algorithm used extensively by leading forensic toxicologists into its easy to use Blackberry application. BAQ Tracker Mobile ( takes the user beyond a simple calculation of BAC and provides social drinkers with a real-time, on-device simulation tool that has been benchmarked against enforcement quality breathalyzers.

BAQ Tracker Mobile features:

  • A time-to-zero on-screen clock for real-time decision making
  • A friend profiler that demonstrates the differences in BAC amongst a group of socializing friends
  • An on-device library that increases the knowledge of the user and dispels myths about social drinking

"BAQ Tracker Mobile is the first product in the next generation of applications/solutions to equip social drinkers with the tools to drink responsibly. This next generation of solutions will leverage cost effective and readily available smart phone technology to make drinking smart a reality for all," said Sherry Colbourne, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Ladybug Teknologies. BAQ Tracker Mobile augments Ladybug's current line of training programs and technology solutions that enable the consuming public to adopt a "consciously responsible" approach to social drinking.

Renowned forensic toxicologist, James G. Wigmore, has this to say, "even though it has been illegal to drive with a BAC over .08% in most countries for over 40 years, it has been difficult for social drinkers to determine their BAC easily and prevent potentially tragic consequences. Most of the inexpensive breath alcohol testers that can be purchased at stores are unreliable and produce erratic results. In addition, these testers have to be operated properly, routinely calibrated and are very obtrusive in a social situation. BAQ Tracker Mobile is based on calculations of BAC that are methodically conducted by forensic scientists in criminal court. This technology is easy to use and is unobtrusive. BAQ Tracker is a great step forward for people who want to drink responsibly."

Beyond being a very useful and educational BAC simulator, Ladybug Teknologies hopes BAQ Tracker Mobile will be an agent of social change. As part of the promotional efforts for BAQ Tracker Mobile, Ladybug Teknologies will engage community-focused charities and not-for-profits in a partnership program whereby partners will receive $1 – donated by Ladybug – for every download of the app that comes through that partner channel. Partners will be selected based on their cohesiveness to the overall objective of social change. For consideration as a partner, organizations are invited to contact Ladybug Teknologies at

BAQ Tracker Mobile bridges the gap between expensive, but highly reliable, enforcement-quality breathalyzers and the "educated guess approach" used by most social drinkers. Since implementation of the new .05% BAC sanctions in May 2009, Ontario police have issued approximately 51 short term suspensions a day to well-intending social drinkers. According to Ladybug's Chief Operating Officer, Chris Montag, "enforcement-quality breathalyzers have always been the tool of choice for high earning professionals and those who can't afford to lose their license – the investment just makes sense. BAQ Tracker Mobile will enable students, young professionals and the consuming public to access a scientific quality simulator based on calculations used by forensic toxicologists for a fraction of the cost." BAQ Tracker Mobile can be downloaded for $9.65 Cdn or $8.95 US from BlackBerry's App World > Entertainment > Food & Drink (

About Ladybug Teknologies Inc.
Founded in 2002, Ladybug Teknologies is defining a unique business model as a socially-focused technology company that develops and sells products and solutions to social drinkers. For more information about Ladybug Teknologies Inc., or to apply for participation in BAQ Tracker Mobile's Partnership program, please visit

About James G. Wigmore, BSc
Jim Wigmore is one of North America's foremost forensic alcohol toxicologists, having worked at the Centre of Forensic Sciences in Toronto for nearly 30 years. He has testified in over 800 criminal cases involving alcohol impaired driving and impaired driving causing death and injury. He has been a member of the Alcohol Test Committee, the sole scientific advisor for the federal Minister of Justice on breath and blood alcohol testing from 1993 to 2005. He has published over 80 papers on various aspects of forensic alcohol testing including his most requested - "A Simulation of the Effect of Blood in the Mouth on Breath Alcohol Concentrations of Drinking Subjects" published in the Canadian Society of Forensic Sciences Journal in 2002. Jim is the recipient of the Derome Award recognizing his outstanding contributions to the field of forensic sciences, an award which has been bestowed to only two other Canadian forensic scientists. He is a leading authority on alcohol literature and has a database of over 8,400 studies on this topic. Currently he is a faculty member of the Center of Studies for Law in Action, R.F. Borkenstein Course on Alcohol and Highway Safety: Testing Research and Litigation at Indiana University in Bloomington. Jim has been an advisor to Ladybug Teknologies since 2004. A detailed CV can be obtained at

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