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July 14, 2011 16:00 ET

Lafayette Chiropractor Achieves Russian Kettlebell Challenge Certification

LAFAYETTE, LA--(Marketwire - Jul 14, 2011) - Dr. John J. Sullivan of Independence Chiropractic, a 64-year-old former Marine and chiropractor for the last 25 years, was recently awarded the Russian Kettlebell Challenge Certification. This fitness instructor certification course is physically and mentally demanding, and nearly 30 percent of potential instructors fail the course on the first try. The course was developed by a former Soviet Special Forces trainer to properly qualify Russian kettlebell instructors to teach students safely and effectively. Dr. Sullivan is certified to instruct students in his Independence Chiropractic office on Russian Kettlebell exercises to help them strengthen their core, improve their health and work on weight management.

Dr. Sullivan has been training patients on Russian kettlebells because he sees it as a natural extension of his work as a chiropractor. "Russian kettlebell movements are designed to strengthen the whole body at once, but with a particular focus on the back, legs and shoulders. Naturally, I see a lot of people suffering from back pain in my office, and a lot of my work focuses on helping them overcome that. But it's also important for me to help people avoid pain in the first place, and a great way to do that is to help people become stronger in those areas so that they are less susceptible to injury." Dr. Sullivan also encourages patients and students working with him to follow proper diet and nutrition guidelines while training.

The Russian Kettlebell Challenge Certification course was developed by Pavel Tsatsouline, who used to train the Soviet Special Forces. The kettlebells themselves are essentially cast iron weights that look like cannonballs with handles attached to them. The weights are used in a series of ballistic exercises that resemble real-world farm work activities like shoveling. To achieve certification, Dr. Sullivan had to perform the entire regimen of kettlebell exercises with 44 pound kettlebells. Dr. Sullivan had to snatch the kettlebells 50 times in under 3 minutes. Because the exercises are more explosive and sudden in nature than traditional weightlifting exercises, extensive training is necessary to make sure the trainers can perform and teach the exercises flawlessly to avoid injuring themselves or their trainees.

According to Dr. Sullivan, those who start on a course of Russian kettlebell training in their chiropractic clinic begin with much lighter kettlebells. He also starts slowly to make sure everyone follows the proper form exactly to avoid injury and get the most strengthening benefit from the exercises. Dr. Sullivan's patients report that he is extremely thorough when teaching the background, form and benefits for each exercise, and are glad that he gives them time to catch up, since for many, this is an entirely new and exhausting experience.

Dr. Sullivan is also one of only 16 recipients of the Thomas Edison Award, and has written articles on the benefits of Russian kettlebell training. He also holds a free healthy lifestyle class for anyone interested, and reports helping people overcome everything from severe back injuries to allergies and fibromyalgia. More information on Dr. Sullivan and Independence Chiropractic are available online at

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