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December 18, 2011 10:00 ET

Lake Worth Chiropractor Announces Massage Therapy Services

LAKE WORTH, FL--(Marketwire - Dec 18, 2011) - Dr. Jack Cacic Chiropractic announced that the practice is offering massage treatments for managing low back pain and other chronic pain. The wellness center has a licensed massage therapist on staff who works closely with the practice's chiropractor Dr. Jack Cacic to create customized treatment programs for patients. Massage can help relieve a variety of chronic pain and also speed recovery following an auto accident injury or personal injury. In addition to massage treatments, the Lake Worth wellness center provides chiropractic adjustments and physical therapy.

Dr. Jack Cacic, a Lake Worth chiropractor and founder of Dr. Jack Cacic Chiropractic, announced that his wellness center offers massage therapy for pain management. The wellness center has a licensed massage therapist on staff to provide custom treatments.

"Massage is a natural, conservative treatment for managing everything from chronic low back pain to headaches," said Dr. Cacic. "In combination with spinal adjustments and physical therapy treatments, massage can truly work wonders, relieving muscle spasms, promoting internal healing, and helping the body regain a full range of movement."

Massage stimulates the flow of oxygen-rich blood in muscle tissue, helping to flush out toxins and lactic acid, which can block the body from repairing damaged or torn tissues. At the same time, massage also reduces tension, helping to lengthen and stretch tight muscle tissues.

"Following an injury, the body may naturally immobilize itself to reduce pain and protect damaged ligaments or tendons," said Dr. Cacic. "As the body heals, it's important to restore movement and flexibility to the muscles -- otherwise patients end up feeling sore and stiff. Massage is a safe way to promote internal healing while helping the body regain a full range of motion."

According to scientific research, massage also helps the body relax, reducing blood pressure, decreasing heart rate and lowering the levels of cortisol, a stress hormone, in the blood stream. At the same time, massage increases levels of endorphins, the body's natural painkillers.

"Following a treatment, our patients feel calm, centered and relaxed," said Dr. Cacic. "Not only is the body healing itself, but the mind is calmed as well. Many of our patients say they can feel pain and stress simply 'melt away' from their bodies during treatment."

The Lake Worth chiropractor has been helping patients manage neck pain and low back pain for over 10 years at his chiropractic care center.

"I strongly recommend massage therapy part of any treatment plan," said Dr. Cacic. "It enhances the benefits of spinal adjustments and many of our patients recover faster from an injury. Most importantly, regular massage treatments can help manage chronic pain and conditions like fibromyalgia, reducing the need for prescription painkillers."

Individuals who wish to learn more about massage treatments and other natural treatments for pain relief may do so by visiting the practice's website,

Prospective patients who wish to schedule a diagnostic visit or massage treatment may do so by using the online appointment request form.

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