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November 15, 2011 10:00 ET

Lake Worth Chiropractor Treats Patients for Carpal Tunnel Pain -- No Medication or Surgery

LAKE WORTH, FL--(Marketwire - Nov 15, 2011) - Dr. Jack Cacic, a Lake Worth chiropractor, announced that he has had great success by using chiropractic methods to treat patients for carpal tunnel syndrome, also known as CTS. Dr. Cacic's non-surgical treatments include chiropractic care, massage therapy and physical therapy. He does not use medication or surgery to treat CTS. Dr. Cacic has been serving the Green Acres, Lantana, Boynton Beach, West Palm Beach and Palm Springs communities for over 10 years at his practice, Dr. Jack Cacic Chiropractic.

Lake Worth chiropractor Dr. Jack Cacic announced his success in treating patients with carpal tunnel pain. Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is an increasingly common injury caused by repetitive motions, such as typing on the computer. The condition can cause extreme pain for patients.

Repetitive motions, such as typing, playing a musical instrument, long distance driving, writing and playing a certain sport can cause inflammation in the wrist. This inflammation leads to swelling, which puts pressure on the median nerve. The median travels through a narrow channel in the wrist and into the hand. When pressure compresses the median nerve, this leads to chronic joint pain and the condition known as CTS.

"Many of my patients have been searching unsuccessfully for a natural cure for CTS," said Dr. Cacic. "I'm excited to announce that chiropractic treatments, along with massage and physical therapy, can make a tremendous difference for those suffering from CTS. Even better, no medication or risky, invasive surgery is necessary."

Dr. Cacic treats patients for CTS with a combination of gentle, hands-on adjustments, massage therapy and rehabilitation exercises. Gentle manipulation of the wrist, combined with massage, can relieve pain and reduce swelling.

Physical therapy and physiotherapy exercises may also help carpal tunnel syndrome patients by relaxing the muscles, reducing muscle spasms and swelling and increasing blood circulation to promote healing.

"The key with treating carpal tunnel syndrome is to reduce inflammation," said Dr. Cacic. "Non-invasive treatments like adjustments, massage and physiotherapy exercises naturally achieve this goal. When inflammation is decreased, pressure on the median nerve also is reduced, which relieves a patient's pain and discomfort."

Dr. Cacic encourages individuals who are suffering from wrist pain to seek prompt treatment.

"The longer you wait to seek treatment, the worse your CTS will become," said Dr. Cacic. "Unfortunately, this pain does not just 'go away' over time. While medication may temporarily relieve your pain, natural treatments are far more successful when it comes to reducing inflammation and correcting the actual problem."

Dr. Cacic has been treating Lake Worth patients for over ten years. His clinic is open Monday to Friday as well as on Saturday by appointment. Dr. Cacic serves the Boynton Beach, Lantana, Green Acres, Palm Springs and West Palm Beach communities.

Individuals who wish to learn more about non-invasive pain management for CTS or other chronic pain conditions can visit Dr. Cacic's website,

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