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July 27, 2016 14:48 ET

Lamont & Scott Marketing Group and the Young C.E.O. Behind It

AKRON, OH--(Marketwired - Jul 27, 2016) - Jeff Scott, the founder of Lamont and Scott Marketing Group, has proven within a year of business that he is a force to be reckoned with. He has found great success in the first year of managing his office in Akron, Ohio. He has ranked in the top 15% of sales for his clients to expanding into another office all within his first 10 months.

The 25-year-old Virginia native has always had the dreams of becoming a businessman; however, the thought of managing his own company never seemed to be within reach. After years of hard work and learning from many failures he finally was able to open up his own company. His gift of understanding the psychology of people and their presence he was the perfect man to work in sales and own his own company. The momentum and heart he puts in what he does truly impacts those around him. Through his years of experience Scott claims that failure became his best friend. "I knew if I was great at failing the sky would be the limit once I learned how to succeed." This positive attitude is what allowed him to build a very successful business in a short amount of time.

For Scott a major part of building a successful business is focusing on the positive impact and development on the individual. Though he seeks success himself, he always puts an emphasis on the impact he has on the people around him. As a self-proclaimed "social entrepreneur" he is the type boss who truly takes on the title "leader." He has taught his team to embrace negativity and adversity with positive perspectives. His think big/live big mentality is the perfect one to have when working in sales. He has proven to be fearless and in the long run it has truly paid off. He got started in Akron, Ohio in April of 2014 and showed a real talent with sales within the first few days. After showing a talent in leading people and sales he quickly rose through the ranks. Finally having the opportunity to manage his own company he has truly proven he has what it takes to run a successful business. 

Scott has only managed his business for a short time, but in ten months he has expanded his company locally and nationally, generated a gross profit of $300,000, and ranked in the top 15% of sales. He has been able to open a business in Ohio that has been considered a place that is not a profitable to open businesses and truly create a successful company. He continues to grow his business and hopes by 2017 to open 10 more offices across the U.S. and continue to bring success to Lamont and Scott Marketing Group.

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