Lamperd Less Lethal Inc.

Lamperd Less Lethal Inc.

November 17, 2010 11:37 ET

Lamperd Less Lethal Announces the Cayman Islands as a New Customer for Our Less Lethal Guns

SARNIA, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Nov. 17, 2010) - Lamperd Less Lethal (PINK SHEETS:LLLI) is pleased to announce that the Cayman Islands, a British Colony, will be supplying their prison services with our complete line of launchers, and our less lethal AR/15 50 cal. upper. Working with the Cayman Islands has been a 2 year process, and this is the first time they will be using any type of guns in their prisons. In the past they have trained at Lamperd's facility with our complete line of products: Defender I, Defender II, and the AR/15 50 cal. less lethal upper. We are pleased that they have chosen our product line rather than the stun gun technology; the stun technology is associated with numerous deaths worldwide; Lamperd's products have caused zero deaths.

Lamperd has 40 years experience in manufacturing Police and Military products and our patented Wasp round is composed of a specialized composite that allows it to maintain its properties over a wide range of temperatures from -50°C to 100°C (-58 to 212°F ). It also dissipates energy, thus inflicting an adequate but not lethal trauma to the target. 

Our Defender I has these distinct advantages:

1. The Defender I can be equipped with a gun-mounted camera to record actions of combative subject assisting in articulating the operator's action in regard to Use of Force guidelines.

2. The Defender I weapons system provides it's operators a standoff distance to as much as 40 feet, allowing officers time to assess the result of the deployment on the combative subject and reevaluate the situation.

3. The Defender I provides four additional follow up shots without having to reload under pressure; deploying the Defender specialty impact munitions uses the same skill set the operator uses with their firearm.

4. The ability to deploy the Defender I with one hand is invaluable in confined space combat; it can go where large 37mm and 40mm are unwieldy.

5. The Defender I is versatile, putting more tools in the tactical toolbox:

Training Cartridge: used for realistic scenario's.

Marking Cartridge: used for Public Order applications to mark instigators for arrest at a later time, or to mark a target address or vehicle.

Safety Soc Cartridge: Low energy - used at close range when situational appropriate; reduces the chance of injury to the subject.

High Energy: used for greater standoff to threat; as much as 40 feet which allows operator to assess and evaluate the situation.

Wasp: Specialty Impact Munitions of rubber butyl material for greater accuracy at appropriate standoff distances.

Pepper Cartridge: used to incapacitate an individual, reducing the chances of cross contamination.

Distraction Cartridge: produces 135 decibels of sound; used as a distraction, creating an opportunity to put your tactical plan into action.

Breaching Cartridge: used to defeat locks or hinges, very effective against attack dogs.

Lamperd is engaged in ongoing negotiations currently with the Middle East and the U.S. for national distribution of our products, and has been assigned a NATO Commercial and Government Entity (NCAGE) Code, which enables it to sell military supplies to any NATO member country, and a federal Business Firearms License, which allows for the manufacture, repair, storage, import, export and sale of virtually any manner of firearms and ammunition. Lamperd is one of only a very few manufacturers of less-lethal munitions in the world to receive these approvals. As a result of receiving this high level accreditation, the company has the opportunity to significantly increase sales through access to the NATO market.

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