October 13, 2008 11:06 ET

Landgraf Accepts Dale Carnegie® Training International Leadership Award

ETS Recognized for Employee Development

PRINCETON, NJ--(Marketwire - October 13, 2008) - Educational Testing Service (ETS) President and CEO, Kurt Landgraf, accepted the prestigious Dale Carnegie® Training International Leadership Award, which recognizes ETS's commitment to talent management and investing in the development of its personnel.

The award was presented by Dale Carnegie Training of Central and Southern New Jersey at the conclusion of yesterday's highly successful executive roundtable discussion on the critical importance of employee engagement.

Anita Zinsmeister, president of Dale Carnegie Training of Central and Southern New Jersey, says, "We are delighted to recognize Mr. Landgraf and ETS for demonstrating an ongoing commitment to improving their performance by developing their people. In today's challenging economic and competitive workplace, fully engaging employees at all levels is critical for any organization to meet their objectives and build a robust future, and ETS embraces this philosophy."

The award, established in 1985 by Dale Carnegie & Associates, recognizes companies dedicated to the idea that their employees are as important to the overall success of the organization as any technology, patent or business strategy.

"Our most valuable asset walks out the door at the end of each workday, and comes back at the start of the next," says Landgraf. "This award is really about our employees. To attract, retain and motivate employees, employers must offer a value proposition that is appealing and meets the needs of its workforce. Key to that is the opportunity for every employee to participate in achieving our mission."

To help accomplish its employee engagement objectives, ETS constructed a rewards system consisting of competitive compensation with components that reward stellar performance, excellent benefits, programs and support for healthful lifestyles, professional development and career opportunities and community service opportunities.

Landgraf adds, "There is a direct link between employee engagement and the bottom line. Dale Carnegie has been a great partner in further developing our management and people skills. Their assistance has been invaluable to us as we endeavor to create and maintain a culture that motivates people to continuously improve while remaining actively and fully engaged."

Like every business, ETS must groom and nurture tomorrow's leaders and develop managers who can retain talented employees who drive performance in a competitive, global marketplace.

Previous International Leadership Award recipients include Douglas Conant, CEO of Campbell Soup; Lee Scott, president and CEO of Walmart, U.S.; Jeffrey N. Quinn, chairman, president and CEO of Solutia Inc.; and retired Navy Capt. Mark Bathrick, Lakehurst Naval Engineering Station.

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