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November 28, 2012 11:58 ET

Laporte Animal Clinic & Supply to Supply Feliway and Adaptil

FORT COLLINS, CO--(Marketwire - Nov 28, 2012) - In an on-going effort to put animals and their owners' needs at the forefront, Laporte Animal Clinic & Supply is now carrying Feliway and Adaptil for cats and dogs, respectively. The two agents, created by the company CEVA, act as pheromones, which help both cats and dogs better behave and adapt to different settings easier. Laporte Animal Clinic has Feliway and Adaptil in-stock for anxious pets visiting the clinic and for people looking to buy the products for home use.

Feliway serves as an artificial copy of a cat's natural facial pheromones for cat care and anxiety easing purposes. Those pheromones are used by felines to mark everything from places to objects or people as familiar by rubbing their faces on surfaces and people. Feliway is available in either a spray or diffuser. It is encouraged to use the diffuser for at least four weeks to start to see results and then continuously for nervous or aggressive cats, or as the need arises for stressful situations. The pheromone spray for cat care should be used daily for a month to better gauge its effects. The spray is also great for spraying inside the cat's carrier before transporting them to lessen stress going on trips or to the vet. Feliway is also used to help prevent urine marking in the house -- spray it in the areas that your cat is marking, as well as cleaning the area with one of the enzymatic cleaners especially for urine available at Laporte Animal Clinic and Supply.

For man's best friend, Adaptil also serves as synthetic pheromone by mimicking the natural pheromones of a lactating female. Adaptil can help reduce and eliminate fear and stress-related signs in puppies and adult dogs that often come with being around new places, people or things. The Adaptil collar is effective for up to four weeks. It is recommended that puppies begin wearing the collar as early as possible, especially when training and going to puppy classes, as it will better help eliminate stress and fear from developing through socialization and phobias -- thus helping reduce the likelihood of greater problems occurring and continuing down the line.

Located 15 minutes away from Old Town Fort Collins, Laporte Animal Clinic & Supply has been a Northern Colorado staple since 1996 when doctors Andrew and Marta Dean founded the practice. The all-encompassing animal care center conducts everything from physical examinations to dental care to X-rays. Laporte Animal Clinic & Supply has treated and provided care for animals as small as mice to horses and everything in between -- dog and cat care included. They are located at 3333 W. County Rd, 54G in Laporte. For more information on Laporte Animal Clinic & Supply visit the center's website,, or call 970-490-1999.

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