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March 22, 2007 14:48 ET

Laptop Repair Experts Blue Raven Provide Tips for Keeping Laptops in Top Shape

Blue Raven Reveals Top Three Most Fragile Laptop Components; Three Most Commonly Repaired Notebook Brands; and Tips for Avoiding Software Problems

WILMINGTON, MA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 22, 2007 -- Blue Raven Technology (, a leading provider of iPod audio and video personal electronics products, computer parts, and computer repair depot services, has compiled a list of the top problems that cause laptop failure to help consumers keep their notebook computers in good working condition. Based on their laptop repair experience of over 200,000 notebooks, Blue Raven provided the top three most fragile laptop components, the three most commonly repaired notebook brands, and tips for avoiding software failure.

"We are providing consumers with this very important information because a little extra care and caution in handling a laptop can actually prevent problems and save consumers the aggravation of laptop repair," said Blue Raven's President and COO, Glen Kashgegian. "For computer users that have already encountered these problems, we offer an innovative, Internet-based high-speed laptop computer repair service that can offer a turnaround time of 2.5 days on nearly all notebook computers, for less than $350."

Top Three Most Fragile Components

Based on repairing over 200,000 laptops, Blue Raven's experience suggests that the top three fragile components are the latch, the AC port, and network card and connector ports, primarily from over-use and abuse. Tips for consumers to avoid these common problems include not moving the laptop when it is plugged into the AC port, avoiding forcing network cards and USB cables into connections the wrong way, and avoiding overly aggressive use of the laptop latch.

Most Commonly Repaired Brands

Based on Blue Raven's experience, the most commonly repaired notebook computer brands are Toshiba, Sony, and Hewlett-Packard*. Toshiba is the most commonly repaired brand, followed by Sony and then Hewlett-Packard. Toshiba Satellite laptops, however, are also the easiest notebook computers to repair, owing to its internal configuration. The least commonly repaired laptops at Blue Raven are IBM notebook computers.

Avoiding Software Problems

Blue Raven also reports that one of every four supposed hardware problems is actually a problem caused by software. Because hardware is controlled either by the operating system, or its drivers, many perceived hardware problems are actually software in nature and require a system restore, making it even more important to regularly keep a data backup.

Software problems can be caused by installing excessive applications and failing to perform maintenance, such as update antivirus software, run programs to de-fragment the hard drive, or remove temporary files. Problems also come from spy-ware, ad-ware and other applications unknowingly downloaded onto a laptop from the Internet.

For more information on common problems that can frequently go wrong with your notebook computer, visit the Resources section of the Blue Raven website at

About Blue Raven

Blue Raven Technology, Inc., previously known as Pre-Owned Electronics, is a leading provider of out-of-warranty service parts and depot repair services as well as consumer-friendly iPod audio and video personal electronics products, including MP4 players, MP3 and gaming products accessories. With more than 22 years' experience in servicing consumer electronics products, the Company provides award-winning after market support to the world's largest electronics retailers and customer service companies. Blue Raven is the largest independent supplier of genuine Apple, Compaq, HP, Toshiba, eMachines, Gateway and Sony parts in the U.S. The company stocks over 60,000 service and retail parts, and has repaired over 200,000 notebooks for some of the largest national retailers. Blue Raven also offers a complete range of unique and consumer-friendly portable video, iPod audio, and accessory products directly through its retail channel. For more information on Blue Raven products and technologies, please visit

*Many factors influence the brands that are sent to Blue Raven for repair. Blue Raven supports all major brands, although not the universe of laptops in circulation; some brands have a higher installed base than others, and therefore a larger number of gross repairs; the demographic of Blue Raven customers may gravitate toward a particular brand, and most Blue Raven repairs follow the expiration of the manufacturer's warranty.

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