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May 13, 2005 17:11 ET

Larimer County Achieves Industry Landmark With Asset Management Software Lead

FORT COLLINS, CO -- (MARKET WIRE) -- May 13, 2005 -- Larimer County and Exor Corporation, the world's leading provider of infrastructure asset management software, today announced the County's successful migration to version 3.1.3 of Highways by Exor software and the expansion of the system to include traffic data.

Version 3.1.3 of the Exor product suite is a milestone in asset management software for the transportation and local government sectors. The migration will allow Larimer County to manage road and associated asset conditions; integrate assets, road network data, traffic counts and accident data into one software application for maintenance and analytical purposes. A key feature of the migration is Larimer County's ability to use the power of Oracle Spatial for integrating spatial and tabular data.

Any combination of records in this database can be mapped, queried, or reported on. Larimer County's system includes Exor's Network Manager, Asset Manager, Accidents Manager, Traffic Interface Manager, Spatial Data Manager, Information Manager and MapCapture.

The new system makes it easier for the Larimer County Road and Bridge Department to maintain an accurate inventory of county infrastructure assets and to make better-informed maintenance investment decisions.

Drew Davis, Technical and Support Services Manager at Larimer County Road and Bridge Department, comments on the new functionality and business benefits version 3.1.3 brings: "Our vision at Larimer County is to create a spatially integrated all encompassing system for our asset management purposes. With the Exor system we're already seeing payback as we can already scope out our business processes and allow easier analysis of asset conditions.

"With the improvement of data flows with version 3.1.3 we've been able to move away from a small and highly specialized technical team only having access to the data in our old mainframe based system. Now all those who require access to it will have the information on their desktops."

The upgraded Exor system enables Larimer County to comply with new rules published by the Government Accounting Standards Board (GASB) to improve the financial reporting of the highways assets in the United States. With Exor software the County can track road infrastructure condition and tailor maintenance spending to maintain the asset value.

By adopting the 'modified' approach condition-based assessment of its assets under GASB 34 Larimer County must be able to show annual reinvestment programs for its road network -- the upgrade to Exor's version 3.1.3 will assist in creating provable maintenance programs for each asset infrastructure, by establishing the asset condition and preserving the lifespan and maintenance of the asset.

Larimer County has integrated traffic count data into the Exor system using the Exor Traffic Interface Manager module. This publishes traffic statistics from the TRADAS system into the enterprise database.

Future developments will see Larimer County implement a citizen 'report card' on the road condition through the use of Exor's Information Manager product. This information will be made available to citizens over the Internet and will enable online mapped road segments to be viewed in detail. Further internal developments will include an Executive Dash Board that will provide the management team with a snap shot of Key Performance Indicators for Larimer County's Transportation Assets. This service to the citizens will be further enhanced through the implementation of the Exor Public Inquiry Manager module later this year that will allow citizen inquiries to be logged and tracked through to conclusion.

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