December 13, 2011 11:00 ET

LARK Unveils New Personal Sleep Coach for Better Sleep

Designed by Leading Sleep Experts, LARK Gives Users Personalized Coaching to Improve Sleep

PALO ALTO, CA--(Marketwire - Dec 13, 2011) -

Core News Facts:

  • LARK, the company that brought you the revolutionary silent alarm clock and wireless sleep tracker, today announced its collaboration with leading sleep experts on a new Personal Sleep Coach, available for download in the App Store.
  • Going beyond simple sleep tracking, the LARK Personal Sleep Coach helps you understand what type of sleeper you are and guides you to improve it in the simplest and easiest ways for you.
  • For people who have trouble sleeping or can't get adequate sleep due to interruptions, the new LARK coaching experience, available for $99, includes:
    • A 7-Day Sleep Assessment - a baseline assessment designed by leading sleep experts and a Pro sports sleep coach that helps you uncover what type of sleeper you are and uncovers your sleep patterns. All you have to do is sleep and wear LARK for seven days.
    • A 7-Day Sleep Report - a detailed report which gives you a personalized, actionable plan based on your sleep pattern data and also:
      • Identifies your Sleep Type (1 of 12 types)
      • Analyzes your sleep patterns
      • Gives you recommended next steps to improve
      • Provides tailored sleep tips based on your sleep type and patterns
      • Recommends sleep targets to reach
      • Shows how your sleep compares with both your average and the rest of the sleep population
    • An in-app Personal Sleep Coach that monitors your sleep improvement on a weekly, monthly and overall basis and provides:
      • Ability to tag issues and track moods to show you how external factors such as caffeine impact your sleep and how sleep affects your mood.
      • Motivational mobile coaching with interactive messages as you improve your sleep and reach your goals.
      • Social sharing to share your success and improvement with friends and family via Twitter and Facebook.
  • For $60 extra, a subscription upgrade, LARK Pro can be purchased for a richer set of tools to help you sleep better.
  • LARK also includes a silent alarm that wakes up only the person wearing LARK in a non-jarring, gentle way, without disturbing those around you.
  • The importance of sleep can often be underestimated, but sleep is the easiest way to improve health, happiness and overall performance. LARK helps you realize how critical sleep is by showing you how much it matters and how much it impacts your health and happiness.
  • LARK is currently available for $99 and can be purchased in stores nationwide at Apple Retail Stores, Walmart, Radio Shack, and select Targets.

Julia Hu, Founder & CEO, LARK
"We are excited to help our users improve their lives. LARK's Personal Sleep Coach is truly the next generation of personalized health. We are going beyond simple data tracking and giving meaning to your data. Some of the world's top sleep experts helped create LARK's software to give you a personalized sleep coach that is on your mobile phone, 24-7."

About LARK:
Designed by the world's leading sleep experts, LARK brings cutting-edge sleep science to your wrist by analyzing your sleep patterns and providing thoughtful sleep aids for the whole family. Utilizing your personal sleep data, LARK's Personal Sleep Coach empowers you to sleep better in the easiest ways possible. Founded in 2010, LARK is based in Mountain View, Calif. To wake your potential, visit For ongoing company and product updates, follow LARK on Twitter at or connect on Facebook at

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