October 08, 2012 09:05 ET

larklife™ Makes Improving Diet, Fitness and Stress as Simple as Brushing Your Teeth

Just by Wearing It on the Wrist, Users Receive Simple, Personalized Expert Coaching in Real-Time That Will Improve Their Overall Energy and Productivity

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA--(Marketwire - Oct 8, 2012) - lark (, creator of lark™ original and lark pro, the wireless sleep tracker and personal sleep coach, today unveiled larklife™, a wearable diet, fitness and sleep tracking and coaching system. Designed with an interdisciplinary team of scientists and experts that includes a Stanford neuroeconomist, a pro-sports sleep coach to NBA, NFL, NHL stars, and a Harvard psychologist and sleep expert, larklife includes two tracking wristbands and a free iOS application that coaches people to feel more energized and productive every day through science-based, personalized recommendations from the experts.

The larklife philosophy: live smarter™
The team of experts that developed larklife believes that getting healthier starts with building better habits, instead of trying to achieve a single large goal -- calories burned, miles run, etc. -- which discourages people when they fail to meet it. According to a survey conducted October 2-4, 2012 online by Harris Interactive on behalf of lark among 2,516 U.S. adults ages 18 and older, nearly half (43 percent) of Americans agree that mainstream wellness programs do not meet their needs.

Almost two-thirds (64 percent) of Americans agree that they would have a better chance at getting healthy if they had a wellness program personalized to them. Based on each user's unique information captured by using the product, larklife's interdisciplinary experts are able gently coach them through a unique and completely individualized process that is proven to result in real, sustainable benefits at a manageable pace.

First, larklife tracks the user's daily fitness, diet and sleep activity via the wristbands. Second, it provides advance notice or real-time suggestions via the iOS app for small changes users should make to feel better. The individualized suggestions are a result of the user's data being analyzed on the back-end by sophisticated techniques, developed by larklife's team of experts and based on the science of circadian rhythms, or how individuals' energy levels peak and dip. Third and most importantly, it celebrates improvements in the user's diet, fitness and sleep activities to keep motivation high. Users experience this celebration through a fun light show on the wristband and reward icons in the data feed in their iOS app.

"Focusing on a single, 10,000-step goal or competing with others for the best mile time doesn't motivate most people, especially those of us who are not elite athletes. We built larklife to help make feeling great more attainable for the rest of us," said Julia Hu, CEO and founder of lark. "I know there are millions of people out there like me who just wish they still had the energy to 'do it all,' but have been discouraged by mainstream health fads that just didn't help them get there. This product is like having a fitness trainer, nutritionist, productivity, stress and sleep coach quietly working together to help you feel better gradually. Failure isn't possible."

How it works
larklife ensures people will achieve better health by working on two levels; it simplifies activity tracking through intuitive technology and uses the data to provide expert coaching in a way that is psychologically proven to create real change. larklife is built to continually grow smarter for each user through automated machine learning in all three tracking categories. The more people wear it, the more the system will know about them, allowing it to better map their activities to their performances.

Intuitive fitness tracking
While worn on the wrist, larklife automatically tracks steps taken, calories burned and distance traveled. Unlike competing products in the market, larklife uses patent-pending, proprietary machine-learning technology to more accurately track the user's activity levels and can distinguish between a run and a walk automatically.

One-Tap diet tracking
Food journaling has been proven effective for weight loss but it also takes a lot of work, prohibiting people from sticking with it. larklife's one-tap diet tracking lets users effortlessly log a meal by simply pressing the button on their wristband. The app records the meal wirelessly and users have the option to go back and easily tap what categories of food they ate if they want to, when they have a free moment.

Sleep tracking
Your mood and energy to tackle the day is most linked with a good night's sleep followed by a pleasant wake up call. larklife not only tracks and analyzes the wearer's sleep, but also wakes them gently using lark's patented, dynamic vibration technology, a key feature in the award-winning lark original.

"This product doesn't just give people their data and expect them to know how to use it. Quite frankly, I believe similar products that don't take the next step to encourage and give attainable direction to users will fall out of favor quickly, because it's just one more to-do they're having to add to an already busy life," said Dr. Baba Shiv, larklife advisor, neuroeconomist and Stanford faculty. "At the most basic level, my research is about what motivates people to build habits and we've incorporated the finding in larklife to ensure that it will work seamlessly in the background to help people become more productive, energetic and less stressed overall."

The larklife system
larklife is made up of three parts: a daytime smart wristband, a nighttime sleep wristband and a free iOS app that provides real-time coaching on all the areas it tracks. The day wristband is bold and stylish and was designed in conjunction with Ammunition, the group responsible for the design of Beats by Dr. Dre™ headphones. It is also sweat-proof for exercise and ergonomic for typing. The nighttime band is inspired by pajamas and made out of soft, breathable fabric. The day band comes in three sizes and the night band is one-size-fits-all.

The wristbands share an intelligent core that the user swaps when switching from daytime to nighttime and vice versa. The core collects all activity data from the user and communicates it seamlessly to the iOS app via Bluetooth® Smart (4.0) technology. It also houses the triaxial accelerometer that powers the intuitive fitness tracking and vibration motor

larklife is compatible with iPod touch (3rd and 4th generations) and iPhone 3GS and above; all must run on iOS 5.1 and above.

larklife delivers the experience of having a nutritionist and fitness, sleep, productivity and energy coaches for only $149.99. Retail availability will be announced later this year. People who want to start feeling their best everyday can pre-order larklife at

Survey Methodology
This survey was conducted online within the United States by Harris Interactive on behalf of lark from October 2-4, 2012 among 2,516 adults ages 18 and older. This online survey is not based on a probability sample and therefore no estimate of theoretical sampling error can be calculated. For complete survey methodology, including weighting variables, please contact

About lark
lark designs its products to work for everyone. Using cutting-edge health science to individualize the health improvement process, lark™ original, lark pro and larklife™ teach people how to feel their best, every day.

larklife™ was developed by Julia Hu, CEO of lark, who earned her MS and BS from Stanford University's Design School. She is supported by world-renowned experts in self-betterment, including Dr. Baba Shiv, neuroeconomist and Stanford University faculty; Dr. Jo Solet, psychologist, sleep expert and Harvard University faculty; and Cheri Mah, a pro-sports sleep coach to NBA, NFL, and NHL athletes.

Founded in 2010, lark is based in Mountain View, Calif. To learn more about all of lark's products, visit For ongoing company and product updates, follow lark on Twitter at or connect on Facebook at