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November 05, 2013 08:00 ET

Laser Light Engines Announces NEC Display Solutions Will Collaborate in Week-Long Laser Projection Demonstrations in Burbank, CA

NEC to Provide 4K Cinema Projectors for November Event; Additional Partners Named

SALEM, NH--(Marketwired - Nov 5, 2013) - Laser Light Engines, Inc., (LLE), a leader in laser illumination for high brightness Digital Cinema and performance projection, announced that NEC Display Solutions and others will join LLE in a series of laser projection demonstrations the week of November 11 in Burbank, Calif. "These Laser Projection Demonstrations will illustrate a number of ways that laser-powered projection will enhance 2D and 3D Cinema and other entertainment formats. We're pleased that an important player like NEC will be taking part," said Bill Beck, founder and EVP of business development for Laser Light Engines.

The by-invitation event will feature side-by-side comparisons of laser-powered vs. Xenon lamp illuminated projection, with 2D content on both white and silver screens, and 3D content on the silver screen. NEC has provided two flagship NC 3240S 4K DLP Cinema® projectors, one lit by a standard Xenon lamp; the other powered by the latest LLE universal laser engine, to demonstrate off-board illumination, despeckling performance and compare image quality for a variety of content.

"It's clear that laser projection is the next big advance in Digital Cinema, providing enhanced brightness for 3D large-screen and other types of theaters, and offering operating benefits to exhibitors," said Jim Reisteter, General Manager, Digital Cinema Division, NEC Display. "As a leader in this industry, we're pleased to participate in what we expect to be an eye-opening and informative experience for decision-makers in cinema and projection-based entertainment."

The event will also offer breakout sessions that will include a series of tutorials on laser speckle, image quality, colorimetry, contrast and dynamic range and the use of optical fiber light delivery to power current and future projectors.

Beck announced that two other companies will participate in the demonstrations: Ballantyne-Strong, provider of installation and support services and a Northview 1.0 gain white screen, courtesy of their MDI subsidiary, and for content delivery, Qube Cinema, providing their True 4K 3D™ system, with dual Xi integrated media blocks (IMBs) and XP-I server.

The Laser Projection Demonstrations will be held at Technicolor Burbank, which has a long history of advancing technology for media and entertainment. The demonstrations will run from Monday, November 11 through Thursday, November 14, and are by invitation only for studio executives and technologists, cinematographers, directors, producers, exhibitors, and other industry decision makers who want to assess the state of the art in laser illuminated projection.

Interested parties should contact LLE at to request an invitation and additional information.

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