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April 19, 2012 16:53 ET

LashBack Protects Marketers From Increased Risk

New California Court Ruling Raises Transparency Requirements

ST. LOUIS, MO--(Marketwire - Apr 19, 2012) - A new California appellate court ruling in the case of Balsam v. Trancos affects the way email marketers identify themselves to consumers. Based on the decision, marketers who send commercial email from California or to California residents are now required to either include the advertiser's name in the From line, or use an accurately-registered domain name which is not protected from disclosure by privacy guard or similar services. Any marketer that fails to comply is subject to litigation in California, a state where strict liability is established for both advertiser and sender, with fines of $1,000 per message up to $1 million per incident.

To assist advertisers in complying with this new regulation, email compliance provider LashBack has consulted with The Goodman Law Firm on the development of additional From line compliance checks to verify the presence of public WHOIS information and provide this information to its clients.

Brandon Phillips, LashBack's Chief Executive Officer, explained, "LashBack provides advertisers the visibility they need to enforce email marketing policies. Non-compliant business practices by publishers can drag advertisers into litigation, fines, and worse. Lashback services enable advertisers to monitor the business practices of their publishers and ensure both regulatory and contractual compliance."

Linda Goodman of The Goodman Law Firm stated, "The recent ruling in California is a strong admonition for marketers to review their advertising agreements and ensure that publishers are required to provide accessible and accurate From line information. The California appellate court ruling establishes an industry-wide standard that will affect advertisers and publishers for a very long time. Compliance services like LashBack, together with recommendations from counsel, enable marketers to adopt new standards and potentially avoid the negative consequences of such rulings."

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The Goodman Law firm is the premier internet marketing compliance law firm in the country. Their client base consists of a broad range of Internet and E-Commerce Companies, including Networks, Publishers, Advertisers, Lead Generators, Affiliates, List Managers and ISPs. With over ten years of legal experience in internet marketing, Linda Goodman and her team have the most comprehensive understanding of the unique risks and solutions for businesses marketing on the internet. They understand the unique business models and how each model works as a collective whole.

About LashBack
LashBack provides comprehensive email compliance solutions to online advertisers, agencies, and email service providers. Lashback's proprietary technology platform and unique data relationships deliver comprehensive solutions for email regulatory compliance, enforcement of advertiser-specific contract requirements, and brand protection.

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