LassoSoft Inc.

LassoSoft Inc.

July 11, 2011 17:59 ET

LassoSoft Inc. Releases Lasso 9.1

Lasso 9.1 is Newest Full Product Release for New Canadian Ownership of 15-Year-Old Programming Language

NEWMARKET, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - July 11, 2011) -

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LassoSoft Inc. released the newest version of its programming language today with Lasso 9.1, citing improvements to the developer workflow and upgrades and additions to its features.

The new attributes include an administrative interface for setting up new instances of the software, allowing developers to add, configure and restart individual instances, as well as having the ability to view logs and add notes on specific configurations or custom features. This is to increase control for developers and hosting providers who are managing multiple projects. A new query syntax also facilitates filtering and sorting of queried lists with minimal code, and Lasso 9.1 also supports additional operating systems as well as 64 bit connectors on OSX with CentOS versions to follow.

LassoSoft Inc. CEO Sean Stephens says that Lasso 9.1 is the product of feedback from its developers. "We have been inviting feedback from the Lasso community from the day we announced our purchase of the Lasso language more than six months ago. We have prioritized our development to support our developer community and help make their lives easier so that their projects and workflow can be more effective."

LassoSoft Inc.'s pricing model for the Lasso 9.1 upgrade reflects this connection to their community. The pricing structure for the upgrade is tiered, allowing those with more current versions to pay less than those requiring a full upgrade. Developers with the most current version of Lasso 9 may pay 20% of the full price when upgrading to Lasso 9.1. A new single instance retails for $499 (CDN).

LassoSoft Inc.'s product line is employed both as an application server and scripting language by web developers internationally. It is used on a number of platforms for an adaptable range of end uses, with a core specialty in database connections to the web. Users include individual developers as well as government and large-scale corporate initiatives. The three advantages the company declares over other programming languages are speed, security, and the "elegance" or simplicity of the code.

About LassoSoft Inc.

Following a series of evolutions, the Lasso programming language has found a home in Canada with long-time evangelists of the product, Treefrog Interactive Inc. Treefrog and LassoSoft Inc. CEO Sean Stephens acquired the intellectual property of the former LassoSoft LLC in December 2010, and has proceeded with his team to build on the strengths of the programming language by engaging the international community of developers loyal to the platform. At one time it was licensed by Apple for its internal use, and Lasso has a 15-year history of serving such businesses and organizations as NASA, the United Nations, The Walt Disney Company, National Geographic, Cisco, The Golf Channel, Kodak and Volvo.

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