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January 23, 2007 07:00 ET

Latest Cloudmark Release Lets ISPs Deliver Unprecedented Accuracy, Virtually Eliminating Spam

Cloudmark Authority 2.0 Adds Active Scanning, Precise Message Categorization and Enhanced Reporting

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- January 23, 2007 -- The latest release of Cloudmark Authority™, the leading messaging anti-abuse solution for ISPs worldwide, improves on Cloudmark's current accuracy advantage to further reduce the volume of spam, phishing, and viruses impacting subscribers. Cloudmark Authority 2.0 introduces Active Scan™ to all but eliminate messaging abuse from the user experience. Cloudmark has also enhanced usage reporting and message classification to enable new, differentiated services.

As the sheer volume of abusive messages continues to rise, now exceeding 90% of 100 billion messages sent daily, minimizing email-borne threats has become a critical factor in maintaining subscriber satisfaction and keeping operational costs under control. Cloudmark Authority 2.0 introduces powerful innovations to address key operational, customer service, and marketing challenges for service providers. Authority 2.0 continues to deliver the most efficient platform for stopping all forms of messaging threats.

         ACTIVE SCAN FOR NEAR 100% ACCURACY: After initially blocking 98%
         of all unwanted mail, most of the remaining 2% can quickly be
         identified using feedback from 180 million reporters in the
         Cloudmark Global Threat Network.  Since many subscribers check
         mail only once or twice per day, ISPs using Cloudmark Authority
         could effectively eliminate all unwanted mail for some users. In
         competing solutions, rescanning email that has already been
         stored, but not yet read by subscribers, is inefficient, requiring
         messages to be retransmitted and reprocessed centrally. This
         approach adds delay, compromises security, and puts undue strain
         on email processing resources.

         For the first time, Cloudmark Authority 2.0 makes it easy and
         efficient for service providers to automatically filter unread
         messages against up-to-the-minute lists of known attacks. Every
         minute, Authority 2.0 updates local caches of message
         fingerprints, allowing a simple but sophisticated rescan to be
         performed locally by checking header information against these

         COMPLIANCE: Authority 2.0 is able to perform rescanning without
         retransmitting, reprocessing or in any way modifying the original
         message. Already proven to be the most scalable and efficient
         solution for ISP operations, this unique, non-invasive approach
         also supports compliance with Federal, State, and Local laws,
         industry regulations and the privacy of individuals'

Superior customer service requires insight into abuse trends and overall system performance to proactively address customer issues. Authority 2.0 delivers the following new features and services based on actual subscriber feedback:

         ENHANCED REPORTING CAPABILITIES: Cloudmark Authority 2.0 offers
         programmatic access to the Cloudmark Network Feedback System
         (CNFS) to provider ISPs with richer insight into their user base.
         A programmable data feed integrates seamlessly with existing
         reporting systems to give service provider operations and
         management staff unprecedented visibility into filtering
         performance, customer feedback, and abuse trends impacting the

         AUTOMATED ABUSE DESK TOOLS: Cloudmark provides detailed reporting
         to service provider abuse teams on all feedback received through
         the CNFS reporting interface. This service lessens administrative
         burden while improving customer service. For example, Cloudmark's
         enhanced reporting equips service provider abuse teams to
         automatically respond to customer complaints regarding missed spam
         or false positives based on pre-set policies.

Competition is fierce among service providers and the ability to differentiate with unique service offerings is crucial. Marketing and Product Development must continuously promote subscriber loyalty by optimizing the subscriber experience. Enhanced reporting along with precise message categorization in Authority 2.0 enable services that keep subscribers loyal:

         CUSTOMIZED WEBMAIL USER STATISTICS: CNFS integrates key end-user
         statistics into the Web interface so subscribers can track their
         personal contribution to blocking spam as well as see how well the
         ISP is protecting them. This enhanced interface promotes
         subscriber stickiness by empowering users to help control message

         SECURE UNSUBSCRIBE(TM): This feature enables subscribers to stop
         receiving newsletters without having to click potentially harmful
         "unsubscribe" links or marking valid messages as spam.

         POLICY-BASED MESSAGE MANAGEMENT: Authority's message
         classification provides greater flexibility in tagging,
         organizing, and storing messages. Authority has the ability
         to tag messages as legitimate, spam, phishing, virus, newsletter,
         grey mail or adult content.

         ZERO-HOUR VIRUS FILTERING: Authority delivers the fastest, most
         accurate protection against email-borne viruses. Authority
         Anti-Virus can be combined with rescanning to continuously block
         harmful viruses as new definitions are available.

Cloudmark Authority 2.0 is the industry's only end-to-end messaging security platform, providing protection throughout the messaging lifecycle. Authority continuously blocks harmful messages at the point of origination, upon delivery and receipt and at the user interface. Cloudmark Chief Scientist Vipul Ved Prakash says the company will continue to create innovative features tailored to service provider business models. "In architecting Authority for the service provider, we've built in flexibility to rapidly bring new features to market and to enable our ISP customers to do the same," says Prakash. "Authority is the only solution intelligent enough to help providers combat today's biggest risks -- zombies, false positives, regulatory infractions -- and stay a step ahead of whatever is coming next."

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