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August 03, 2005 08:04 ET

Latest Release of Automate!Test Completes the Newmerix Application Adaptive Testing Strategy and Puts Newmerix at Forefront of User-Friendly Software Testing

The Latest Feature Series for Automate!™Test Automatically Adapts Test Scripts to Multiple PeopleSoft Application Environments and PeopleSoft User Roles

SUPERIOR, CO -- (MARKET WIRE) -- August 3, 2005 -- Newmerix, a provider of application quality and change management software for PeopleSoft applications, today announced the latest release of Automate!Test, a leading edge functional testing tool. Automate!Test is designed to vastly simplify the process of creating and maintaining automated test scripts through a design philosophy of application adaptive testing, or simply put "the tool does the work, not the testing team."

The extensive new application adaptive testing features include "Environmentally Friendly Testing" and "Role Specific Testing," which allow testing teams to run test scripts in any PeopleSoft environment and in any user mode, effectively eliminating the labor involved in manually modifying test scripts. The Newmerix strategy of application adaptive testing ensures PeopleSoft teams use fewer people and spend less time creating, editing and rebuilding scripts that become obsolete when changes, such as patches and upgrades, are introduced into the PeopleSoft application.

"The latest release of Automate!Test makes creating and maintaining automated test scripts easier than ever," said Niel Robertson, chief technology officer of Newmerix. "You can point a test script from one PeopleSoft environment to another and the system dynamically swaps out all the environmental variables including URLs, passwords, and database definitions. You can also run the script from any user role you choose by using a simple drop down menu."

The Newmerix testing philosophy, Robertson emphasizes, is simple: the testing solution should do the work -- not the testing team. With most automated testing solutions, the onus is on the testing team to continually re-work tests to function in different databases, user roles, application versions, and so on. According to Robertson, Automate!Test stands apart from other testing tools, because "it ensures that test scripts and testing activities automatically adapt to the unique needs and requirements of each customer implementation."

Automate!Test adapts to PeopleSoft customer implementations in the following ways:

--  Adjusts to the skills and knowledge of the user, whether it is a non-
    technical PeopleSoft business user or a PeopleSoft developer. This allows
    all relevant stakeholders to be involved in the testing process with little
    ramp-up or training.
--  Creates test scripts attuned to the underlying PeopleSoft metadata.
    Metadata is the core code of PeopleSoft -- it's like application DNA,
    controlling how the system appears and behaves. Test scripts that work at
    this level are durable, portable and more effective, requiring less
    modification by the testing team.
--  Extracts and works with data in the context of PeopleSoft, allowing
    users to capture and re-use test data by simply right-clicking within the
    PeopleSoft application.
--  Modifies test scripts whenever changes are made to PeopleSoft, which
    drastically reduces the amount of time required to keep test scripts up-to-
--  Automatically migrates test scripts to work within any PeopleSoft
    environment, so that users don't have to create separate test scripts for
    each application environment.
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